When starting or remodeling your business, it can be challenging to know what equipment your office needs. We have researched to get you started. Please take a look at our must-have list below.


The first and probably the most obvious one is the furniture, but buying the right ones can be tricky. You want your office space to look professional but also be practical. Sure, you can start with the standard desk and chairs, but we recommend investing in some ergonomic furniture. This will look after you and your staff for many years, investing in some good quality furniture will mean replacing it less often and higher experiencing comfort. 


Choosing the right colour for your office is also important. Blues and greens are positive colours that can increase your staff productivity. Blue gives your office a calming presence while green can make your staff and customers feel welcomed. Other colours such as red – can make you feel energized and yellow – can make you feel creative. Whether these are the colours of the walls or furniture, add even a splash of these colours will increase productivity and make your office feel welcoming to all. 


Having the right technology for your office is essential to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few different types of technology your office should have:

  • Computers

You need a computer that can provide your business with the necessary tools such as a good web browser, word, spreadsheet and PowerPoint software and email facility. Most computers are equipped with these already built-in but it is always good to do your research as some run more efficiently than others. It is also wise to have some anti-virus and back-up software installed to help protect your business in case something goes wrong. Computers aren’t much use without the internet. There is nothing more frustrating than your web browser freezing or your emails not sending. You should choose an internet provider who is reliable yet provide quick broadband for your office. Many companies can help you install your router in the prime location to get you the best speed.

  • Telephones

Although much of our communication is now conducted through email and social media, telephones can seem outdated. However, they are still an effective way to communicate with your customers, whether you are taking incoming calls or outgoing, there is no need to have an overly complicated system in place. Shop around and find the right system for your business’s size, but always keep in mind how easy it would be to adapt the phone lines if your business what to expand. Keep in mind the quality of how clear your vocals are and how easy they are to navigate. 


Make sure your office is stocked with a good amount of stationery. Having an adequate supply in stock is good to have so you don’t get caught off guard. Here are a few items you should have to get you started


  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Notepads
  • Erasers
  • Calculators
  • Diary

Mailing stationery

Now you have an idea of what you need to kit out your new office, check out our An Essential Guide to Growing Your Small Business.

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