Taking the leap to go freelance isn’t something anybody should do without carefully considering it first. It can be difficult, but if you’re prepared for what it entails, the good can far outweigh the bad. Here are a few signs that could indicate you’re ready to take the leap:

You Have Plenty Of Experience

If you already have plenty of experience in a certain area, then it could be a good sign you should go freelance. Working within a company is great at first, as you have stability and get to build up your skills and knowledge. It’s natural to want to break away after a while.

You Want To Break Out Of The Rat Race

Who wants to stay in the rat race forever? Making a change like this can be scary but worthwhile!

You Know How You Would Get Work

Depending on what you want to do, there may be a number of ways you can get work. If you don’t know how you’d do it, now is the time to research.

You’re Prepared For The Difficulties

Freelancing is not without difficulties. You need to be prepared to take care of your own tax, and with this can come a number of other financial headaches. Not only this, you won’t be working with people in person, so it can be a little lonely. Many people find that they get cabin fever! However, it can still be a great idea for those who can handle it. The infographic below can give you some ideas if you’ve been searching for inspiration:

credit to Ponbee

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