Being self-employed is not just a last-ditch attempt to save money in a struggling economy; it’s actually a preferred way of life for many people. You can, to an extent, set your own hours and therefore you can make more of your life.

Being a freelance worker is a struggle in other avenues, such as the unpredictable nature of being in an hour of work, which is why many of us start a business in the hopes that our earnings can even out and be our own boss.

Is it the dream for a lot of us? And while costs are a decisive factor in running a company, lots of entrepreneurs are running companies out of their own homes or making their business “mobile,” as in going to people’s homes and providing services that way, like a mobile salon.

And it’s very simple to start running your own business in this way, as long as you have the right things in place.

Having A Strong Tech Network

Because of our ever-increasing reliance on the internet to do everything for us, you need to have a great website set up so you can market your image properly, have the right payment systems in place (with adequate protection to prevent fraud) and you need to have everything as user-friendly as it can be.

The big turn-off for a customer is if they can’t book an appointment or can’t contact you, so you have to increase your range of contacts. And for those that run mobile businesses, like the aforementioned mobile salon, there are many purpose-built software programs to take advantage of.

There are things like salon online booking systems which can be used as a multi-purpose tool to book clients, increase marketing, and the list goes on. If you have every angle covered when it comes to your tech, it’s not just a useful communication tool, but it makes your life so much easier, which you need if you’re running a whole business by yourself.

Don't even think about working for yourself until you've got this sorted

Getting A System In Place

This can take some time, and it’s due to the clichés about finding your feet and so on.

The real task of running a business from your own home, and heading out to meet clients or providing services in their homes is that you have to wear many hats. And it can easily get on top of you if you don’t have a good system in place. It’s the first thing to think about, not just for the sake of your business, but for your sanity!

Understand when you work best and when you don’t, so if you need to be firing on all cylinders for a meeting or a client appointment, you can schedule them for the best times of day for you. If you lag at certain points in the day, this might be when it’s best to do the light admin tasks that require no concentration at all.

Don't even think about working for yourself until you've got this sorted

Never underestimate the importance of taking time out too. You might find that it can take up all of your time, but the work/life balance still needs to be in place!