Mistakes. We all make them, and no one is exempt from that. The problem is that some errors are much more significant than others. 

You have made a mistake by driving under the influence. You were foolish, and you’re sorry, but it has still happened, and you were caught. The sobering feeling of being pulled over is something that no one enjoys, but it’s the slap in the face you need never to do it again. Unfortunately, there’s a little more to it than that, too. You’ve been given your first ever DUI citation, and there is a process to go through for recovery now.

If this DUI is the first time you’ve ever offended, your family and friends will hopefully be looking for an affordable bail bonds company. The bad news is that recovering from this DUI is not easy, and that’s the point. Being caught is designed to kick you in the butt hard enough that you won’t ever do it again. You can put this incident in your life behind you, though. You can draw a line and make a point and stop it before it’s something that gets worse. With the advice below, let’s make sure you handle this correctly.

  • Don’t let this be something you take lightly. This is not a badge of honor. This is not something you should be proud of having. A DUI shows you did not act safely, and you were a danger to other people – this is not okay, and it is serious. The police take this seriously, and they want to ensure that you are taking your situation seriously. It’s not a joke.
  • Speak to the DMV as soon as possible. A DUI can result in your license being suspended, which is just not what you need! It depends on the state as to what they need you to do.
  • Get help – even if this was a stupid mistake – get help anyway. Likely, you do not have a drinking problem, and yet most people caught due to driving under the influence are usually abusing drink and drugs. Getting treatment before your court date is smart. It shows you’re taking this seriously, and even though it’s a one-off and never to be repeated, you are taking steps to realize your actions and what this means for the future. Judges will look favorably at you for this.
  • While you are awaiting your court date, you need to be a model citizen. You could be sentenced to prison, and that’s the last thing that you could want, but it’s a possibility. It doesn’t happen as often with first offenses, but it’s something you need to consider seriously. You are not a victim here as this was brought on yourself, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make amends and be a model person while you await your fate. You need to do what you’re told, stay on the right side of the law and show that you are sorry for this mistake you mad


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