You’ve been thinking about it for some time and though the pain has put you off a little you’ve decided: this is it. It’s time for a tattoo.

Whether full sleeve, entire back or an unobtrusive wrist design, choosing a tattoo should be a personal and informed choice and one that makes you smile every time you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror or when you roll up your sleeves.

But how do you make that choice and find something that you won’t regret having adorned on your skin forever more. We talk you through the first time tattoo and how to get your dreams in ink.

No Rush

You’ve got time so don’t rush into anything. This has to be something you decide so avoid following the latest trends. Tribal tattoos might look great but what do they mean to you and what will you feel about them ten years from now when they’re not the fashionable ink to have anymore?

If it’s your first tattoo, get personal. A name is a great place to start. If you have children or have lost a loved one, immortalising them with ink can feel very special. Of course you might want to put a partner’s name somewhere but unless you’re both in it for the long haul that can be some expensive Tattoo Removal.

If words don’t appeal then you’ll be looking at a picture of design. Again think about symbols or images that strike a chord with you. Flowers that you had at your wedding, numbers that you feel are lucky or animals that you love, for smaller, cuter designs.

Go Big, Or Go Home

It might be that you’re just going to go all out and turn your back or your arm into a work of art. While this sounds amazing, you need to factor in several considerations. First the cost, tattoos from good, reputable artists don’t come cheap and if you’re going to have a large area of your body covered, don’t scrimp on the cost. Go with the best.

You’ll also need to factor in the time it takes to get a large ink completed. You could be looking at several sittings and several hours for each sitting. Finally, you need to decide whether you can cope with the pain. It’s going to hurt and if you’re going large, then that’s a long time to be sitting in pain. Can you handle it?

If the answer is yes to this and you’re all set on a design that you’ll love forever more then go for it. Find a tattoo artist who has a stellar reputation and who has on display full hygiene certificates, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Don’t compromise on your design, you need to be happy with the outcome for the rest of your life. Then all that’s left to do is set some time aside for an inking session, grit your teeth and get some serious art put on your body.

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