Sometimes you have to start at the beginning. One of the most important lessons that every business owner goes through is learning about technology. It sounds silly now because technology is a blanket term for almost anything electronic. Computers count as technology, your car count as technology and even the internet could count. As a result, when people mention technology in their blogs and articles, it can be somewhat hard to follow what exactly they mean.

Even if you’ve read a dozen different articles, there is no doubt that you’ve picked up some useful information among all the useless junk. However, this article will be different. In this post, we’re going to talk about the bare basics of technology that your business needs to survive.

Internet Access

It doesn’t matter if you run an online business or a humble retail store—you need the internet and by extension, that also means you need a phone line. If you have no way to connect with your customers and clients using the internet, then there’s no way you will thrive as a business. Even a phone line is crucial in grabbing the attention of clients. It’s not use having a business if people can’t contact you to purchase your services or products.

Computer Hardware

As long as it has some kind of digital screen and an input device, it’s a computer. It could be a tablet computer, a smartphone, a portable laptop or even a full-sized desktop PC. Whatever you decide, your business needs a way to go onto the internet to connect with clients and customers, to promote and market your products, and to keep a digital record of all of your sales and invoices. If you need information, then you can get expert consulting from Facet Technologies. Not every business owner understand how computers work or what is right for them but with the help of a trained and experienced IT consultant, you’ll pick up the basics in no time.

Diverse Payment Methods

In this day and age, very few people use one payment method exclusively. Whether it’s cash, credit cards, contactless or even PayPal, your business needs to cover a wide variety of payment methods to attract customers and not put limits on what they can use to purchase your products and services. Very few people carry around a fat wallet loaded with cash, but not everyone uses online payment methods or plastic either. Support a wide range of payment types and you’ll attract every kind of customer.

Computer Security

With technology comes vulnerabilities, and with vulnerabilities comes risk. If your computer network doesn’t have at least some layer of protection, then you’re prone to hacking attacks that will reveal all of your customer contact details, bank details and hackers might even be able to monitor your payments and steal money from your account. Fortunately, most payment systems have security in place to prevent this, but it’s never a bad idea to come prepared when you open up a business.


So there you have it. Four technologies that every business should have. There are no exceptions to this either. If you’re missing one of these four technologies, then contact some services immediately and get them installed.

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