Many of us go through life wishing we knew more. At school, college, and university, we are sponges, absorbing information on a continual basis. When we finish formal education, we continue to learn and develop new skills, but often, we crave a different kind of experience than learning on the job or honing parenting skills. If you decide that you want to explore a career change or you have a thirst for knowledge, there are options that don’t involve enrolling in night school, packing in your current job or going back to college. 

E-learning is an increasingly popular option for people who want to develop specific skills or concentrate on an area of interest. There’s a raft of digital products out there, and learning online offers a wealth of benefits. You can learn at the same time as working and raising children, you can select products that suit your needs, and you can enjoy a personalized experience. 

E-learning companies and marketers often use ploys like browser notifications to generate interest in products and encourage users to explore products that are linked. If you’ve read a guide about plumbing, for example, you may be invited to get involved in a webinar or to download an ebook. As a consumer, notifications enable you to find products quickly and easily, and they ensure that you’re aware of discounts and deals. 

As you’ll see from the infographic below, notifications can be used to advertise a vast array of products, including ebooks, webinars, toolkits and guides, demos, and free trials. With the average person spending up to 6 hours per day on a digital device and the majority of time spent searching for information, it’s clear to see that more and more people are reaping the rewards of e-learning. 

Infographic Produced By The Power of eLearning Industry’s Browser Notifications Infographic 2019 Edition

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