Every single relationship out there is different, and what looks like love to you might not feel like love at all to someone else. And that’s an important difference to celebrate; we all have our own ways of showing someone we love them, and our own quirks that make our relationships unique. 

But we can all have the same problems within these relationships, and it can be hard to face them, especially when they’re persistent, and you’re not sure where they’ll take you. And it’s because of these problems that we have to look out for the signs that your relationship may be breaking down. If you want to stop this from happening, here are three very common ones to look out for. 

You Find it Hard to Talk to Each Other

Do you and your partner communicate with each other? Do you talk on a daily basis, about big and small things alike, and feel like you’re always having a constructive and enjoyable conversation with each other? Because if not, it might be a sign that things are starting to slip in your relationship. 

You may not be paying attention to each other. You may not be listening to each other. But you’re definitely not talking to each other, and when it comes to trying to salvage your relationship, this is the number one way to get back on the same page. So, it’s time to communicate again.

You’re Imagining a Future Without Them

When you begin to imagine your life without them, and you know you’re going to be just fine, or you’re not really feeling anything about the idea of walking away and starting anew, there’s a good chance the spark has gone out of your relationship. And that’s a pretty big warning sign, especially if you thought things were going just fine until now. 

Of course, you can do one of two things here: decide to talk to your partner and call it a day, or talk to them and work things out. If you need any help with doing either of these things, be sure to visit browndahan.com, and other such relationship advice sources, because it’s important to think about your future overall here, even if your partner won’t be there. 

You Haven’t Been Happy in a Long Time

It’s time to think about how you feel as well, deep down. Are you happy? Have you been happy recently? Do you feel like you’re getting what you want out of your relationship? Because if not, this is something you need to work on. At its very base level, a relationship should make you feel happy, and if it can’t even do that, you’ve got some reevaluating to do. You deserve a lot better, so think about it! 

If you feel like your relationship is breaking down, it’s important to not just let things slide. You need to do something here, for the sake of your own happiness and your family’s. 

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