Before we get started and dive into some of the reasons as well as the signs that it might be time to end your relationship, it’s important to be aware that this should never be considered a first resort. Instead, you should ensure that this is your last resort and you are exploring all the other options first. There are lots of ways to repair a broken relationship from taking more time for one another to professional support options like couple’s counseling. Arguably these steps not working is the clearest sign that you should end your relationship. Here are a few others that you do need to keep in mind.

It’s Toxic 

There are plenty of signs that you are in a toxic relationship. For instance, you might find that you are constantly arguing. Arguing can be healthy and if you don’t argue at all, this can be an issue too. It might suggest that neither of you cares enough to argue. However, if you are constantly arguing and always screaming at one another, it might be time to think about contacting a family lawyer about a divorce. Particularly, if it feels as though the arguments could get physical at any moment. Tensions can arise during an argument but you should never feel someone if you feel as though they might physically hurt you at any point in your relationship. 

They’re Lying 

Little lies or the occasional lie will not cause your relationship to crash and burn. However, if your partner is constantly lying to you, that certainly should. This will mean that there is no trust left in the relationship and it’s going to be very difficult to stay with someone if you do end up in this position. It could ultimately mean that you feel as though you don’t even know the person you are with. That’s a horrible position to be in and it might ultimately leave you feeling completely alone. 

They Don’t Make Time For You

Finally, we all have our individual professional and personal commitments that are going to take up a lot of our time. It is possible that your partner does work incredibly long hours. That’s not a reason to break up with them but if it constantly feels like they have no time for you and they don’t make the most of their spare time, it could be worth considering exploring ending things. If you don’t do this, you could reach the end of your relationship years down the line and feel as though ultimately it was a complete waste of time anyway.

We hope this helps you understand some of the clearest signs that it is time to let your relationship go and move on to new things. This can always be quite a worrying situation and you might be scared that there’s going to be nothing else on the horizon. But you should never stay in a relationship out of fear that there’s nothing else for you as this will never be the case. 

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