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When you’re aspiring to that highly desired digital nomad life, not only do you need to have a business that you can operate from almost anywhere in the world, you need the right tools to make it happen.

From the obvious requirement of an internet connection to some of the trickier aspects of working worldwide, there are a few tech essentials that everyone needs.

To make sure that your brand is on point, that you can get work done and stay productive, these five tech essentials should go to the top of your checklist. 

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A Trusty Laptop

You’re going to need to make sure you can not only run your business while you’re travelling but do it well. For that to happen, you’re going to need a laptop that you can rely on. Other forms of tech hardware, like a smartphone or tablet, can be useful, but you will probably find that a laptop is at the heart of everything you do. Just make sure it’s light and can fit into the luggage you have, or can easily be transported from temporary office to temporary office.

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Content Management + scheduling

Whether you’re running an e-commerce site, a blog, or a consultancy online, you’re going to need a website. Building a website is one of the first things you should do when you start a business. If you get the basic hosting plan at Bluehost (starting at $3 a month via this link!) they’ll help you set up a WordPress site in seconds. Here’s an easy 4 step guide to building a website or blog for non-technical people. When you’ve got a website, you need to be able to ensure it runs well. For that, you’re going to need the best content management system for your business. Whether you use something like WordPress or something more complex, you’re going to want to get to grips with the right system before you head halfway around the world.

I recommend a couple of tools that I personally use to schedule my content: this tool to schedule Pinterest pins + auto post to Instagram, this tool to automate my content delivery + emails (and newsletter, press releases etc.) and this tool to schedule Instagram posts.

Tech Support

Living a digital nomadic existence can sound fun, but it can also put you at risk when things go wrong. Before you embark on your journey, you should probably find some kind of IT support that you can rely on. If your website goes down, you’re going to want to make sure the expert you hire to help you is up to the job. Because sometimes, the content management system support that comes free just can’t quite cut it.

Communication Tools

And lastly, you’re going to need to communicate – not only with the world but your customers too. You need to be active on social media to ensure that your digital business keeps its buzz. You’re also going to want to consider things like Skype or Google Hangouts to keep in touch with suppliers and customers too – especially if you provide a service or have an online product. That way, you’ll keep your level o professionalism, wherever you are in the world.

Camera Equipment

You might also want to make sure that you’ve got a good supply of photography equipment. Even if you’re not a photographer, this could be important. Regardless of what your online business is, imagery is important. You’ve got the perfect opportunity to take fantastic pictures to share on social or to create for your business when you travel, so make sure you snap it up. Whether you use a smartphone camera, something compact, or a DSLR, you’re probably going to want to document this part of your life.

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