It’s the thing you need to work on in every aspect. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner or you own a small store that opens for four hours a month, your image. Image is everything you need to get your company into the minds of your target customers, and it’s something that you need to figure out how best to market before you’ve even obtained that small business loan. Why is image so important to get right first time? Well, regardless of if you don’t care how you are perceived by everyone else, you need to care about how people perceive your business. It equates to sales, custom, etc., so you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money rebranding your business later on because you got it wrong.

What are the most important aspects of your business image? Firstly, believe it or not, it’s your address. A company, no matter how successful, doesn’t give the right impression to outsiders if it is run from a residential address. To generate the right clients and support, you need to have an address that communicates you as a high-flying company. Even if it is a broom cupboard in the heart of a thriving district, you can still hold meetings in rented office space, but you’ve given off the right impression at the beginning.

The second thing to tackle is your branding. Your business will, to an extent, determine the brand. If you have a family-run coffee house, you will want to attract people of a similar ilk. Your brand branches out into promotional materials, so, for a coffee house that needs to appeal to community-minded individuals, you could push the locally-sourced ingredients as a selling point. You land on your brand by identifying your image. And the temptation to be as open as possible to cover all customer bases is very common, but instead of covering one important base that will be dedicated to your brand, instead, you would be spreading yourself too thinly. This then extends to your promotional materials like the website. Having a site that is user-friendly is easier said than done so you may wish to approach a design agency to nail down the image while still getting your point across in a straightforward manner. is a site containing a list of agencies you can look at to find the right one for you. The marketing materials are then supplementary to the website. You might make videos, or blogs, or vlogs, or just plain and simple images to push your business.

Why image is the most important part of your business (1)

Your ambition for the company will be reflected in the image you present, and before your business begins, you should spend some time getting the finer points solidified. Your voice will determine your image, and so it will be easier to decide on your promotional materials. The image doesn’t just have an impact on your custom; it’s your identity to other clients and rival companies. Thinking about what you want to achieve as a company lives and dies by your image.


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