Ok so we’ve all been there. We have all had a day or two where we think “I really, really just need a break”. Whether it be a particularly hard week at work, stress at home or you’ve just woken up feeling a little like you can’t handle life at the minute, there is usually something that makes us think we need a break. Have a look here if you want to know the signs that you simply cannot ignore (or just need help talking yourself into how much you do need some time off)!

1) You can’t open Instagram or any other social media without the pangs of jealousy hitting

We all have that one friend who is always off somewhere, and when they are off, they like to let everyone know about it. They are constantly updating their social media with the most fantastic travel Instagram posts. When it has reached the point where just seeing someone’s fancy ice cream that they are having on the beach on social media has become too much, you probably need a break. We all get a bit jealous of some beautiful holiday pictures from time to time and that is completely normal, so maybe judge it by how much you want to throw your phone at the wall after a casual scroll through your feed, you should definitely not feel like throwing your phones, but if you do, it’s holiday time.

2) You are having a bit of trouble sleeping/performing life’s daily tasks

When it comes doesn’t to it, stress is something that builds up so easily and without some time off now and again it can be tough to break that cycle of fear. If you’re lying up at night thinking about work or about things you have to get done the next day, it may be time to consider taking some time off and do something exciting. The same can be said if you’re just feeling a bit slower than usual. Maybe it’s now taking you ten minutes to unpack at the onset of the day when you get to work when you used to jump right on it. You may wish to buy kratom online, a natural herb that can be used as a coffee alternative to help you to feel more alert, and that gives you the energy and motivation you might need. 

3) You’re feeling anxious

Anxiety hits us all a lot of the time, there are several signs such as tiredness, your hands are sweaty, and you’re feeling nervous, shortness of breath and just panicking a lot more than usual. If you’re ever feeling like this, this is something that you need to get on top of it straight away. If you let it build it will get worse and worse, and you will start feeling anxious a lot more regularly. To stop you just need to have some time off and make sure that you stay calm- you know that pretty soon you’ll be so far out of the situation that is stressing you that you won’t even remember what you were worried about!

4) When you start sweating the small stuff

Such as when you’re standing in line for your coffee, the barista takes a little too long to get your order clear and you smile back, but you’re feeling the rage bubbling away inside- don’t let it out and get out of there! Or simply when someone at work says or does something slightly annoying and you have an overwhelming urge to throw a chair at them. Save yourself your job and do something about it! Or the most classic anger-inducing incident to most people: If you live in a city and someone ahead of you is walking very s l o w l y. There is no anger known like the anger of wanting to walk at 100 miles an hour but there is a person being annoying, taking a leisurely stroll, stopping to look at a map or have parked themselves in the middle of the street and decided now would be a good time to eat their noodles. If this makes you slightly annoyed, that probably just acceptable, if you seriously are thinking of pushing them over to get by, that’s a sign you need a holiday.

5) You’re feeling over tired

This happens to everyone a lot of the time, we somehow, accidentally stayed up far too late watching that new show on Netflix, and when the time has come to get out of bed and into the shower, we just can’t manage it. However, if this is something that is becoming a daily occurrence then it’s probably more than just self-inflicted tiredness, especially if you didn’t stay up particularly late the night before. So if you’re feeling much too tired to get through the day ahead of you, you either need a new bed that is more suited to you or simply a holiday (a holiday could even be cheaper if you look out for an extra good deal)!

6) You’re slightly more forgetful than you normally are

Admit it, how many times this week have you forgotten your keys, your wallet or even your laptop for busy days work? How many times have you made it to the car, realised you don’t have your car keys, consider just breaking the window rather than going back to get the keys and then ended up sighing all day at the kind of person you’ve become. If that’s all it is, try keeping an organiser or keep notes on your phone of things that you must not forget- writing the thing down first always helps first, this will be a lot cheaper! Being a little forgetful is of course, more than ok, but when it is starting the creep it’s way into important things like work deadlines or plans that you had with family, it’s probably time to put yourself and your health first, and book that well deserved holiday!

7) You’re starting to get a few unhealthy habits in your life

If it’s gotten to the stage where you need a Krispy Kreme a day just to make it through- it’s gone too far. The same can be said for wine, chocolate or just loads of sugar, no matter where the source. When you feel you like you need to rely on something like sugar, it is just an addiction and is something you need to address in your life. There is nothing wrong with a glass of wine after work on a Friday night, that’s for sure, it gives you something to look forward to! Just don’t let things like these become a habit, and is they have, it’s probably time to break the habit and try and be a little healthier- it will do you only good!

8) Everything, even that cute puppy on Facebook this morning, is making you cry

If it has gotten to the stage that the cutest puppies, an old birthday card you found or even just someone saying hello to you are making you sob, something isn’t right! There are a lot of reasons you could be a bit emotional, but if there is nothing you can think of then you are most probably just overworked and in desperate need for time away! Save yourself the tears, and get online and find a great holiday deal!

Not that anyone ever needs a reason to go on holiday, you can just go because you fancy it, but if any of these things are happening to you, go home find out about some last minute, great holidays deal, and just go for it! Nothing but good can come from it! When you come back home, you’ll be feeling so good, much more like yourself again. Next time, don’t let it get to these stages before giving yourself the time off that you deserve!

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