Winter is the dream season for all those you love snow and snow activities. But it’s not easy to afford ski holidays if you are chosen the freelancing life. While freelancing gives you more freedom as to when and where you go, your contracts will also define for you the possibility of a holiday in a ski resort versus a walk in the park at the end of the street. But there are still a few tips, for the lucky ones with the right sort of skills, to enjoy an amazing holiday on a snowy mountain.  

Help The Locals Make A Living During The Cold Season

Winter is for most branches in a ski resort a peak season, where it is sometimes difficult to find the temporary staff they need. Indeed, most people looking for a job will tend to be more interested in permanent positions. Consequently, coming as a freelancer with an interesting in temporary contracts, you will present an attractive profile for the companies in a ski village. For example, it is not uncommon that restaurants and hotels are looking for additional members of the team, at the reception and in waiter positions, to account for the increase in tourists. Additionally, if you are confident with your phone manners, you might want to look at local tourism centers and other information centers as they tend to receive a lot of calls during the winter months. Most ski resorts tend to offer a room to temporary staffs for the duration of their stay. If you prefer less contact with the tourists, you might want to try the rural industries and farms around the ski resort, as those will need active workforce to keep things working during the cold season.

Make The Most Of Your Writing And Speaking Talents

If communications are your area of expertise, you will be interested in looking at options to make the most of your writing skills, or maybe of your foreign language skills if you speak another language. Indeed, ski resorts often need translators and interpreters during the peak seasons, in winter and in summer, so that they can best serve their numerous tourists. If you prefer to write instead, you might want to consider contracts as a travel blogger or review writer as these will be beneficial for the promotion of the ski resort. Foreign ski villages, which are desperate to attract international tourists, are always keen to meet people who understand other cultures. Your words would come in handy to promote their services and chalets.

Teach And Show Your Snow Skills

Another great way to enjoy ski holidays for free is to enrol as a ski or snowboard trainer for the duration of the season. Most European ski resorts are always keen to hire foreign trainers to help their tourists make the most of the snow and feel safe on the slope. For this position, you will need to be a certified professional and to check with each local authorities which proof of your skill is required. For this option, you are most likely to have your own room, or to be able to share a chalet with a couple of other snow sports instructors.


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