If you like looking and feeling glamorous on a day-to-day basis, but the neverending beauty regime isn’t for you, then you might have been thinking about ways to cut down your beauty routine. With the market filling up with products that are easy to apply and long-lasting, how do you know what you should go for? Read on to find out.

1. Eyebrows

Depending on your genetic good fortune, your eyebrows are probably either the joy or the bane of your life. Maybe you spent the nineties and early 2000s plucking and penciling them into thin curves, then hello 2018! Suddenly thick brows are back and you have to try and encourage some growth after years of tweezing. Eyebrows can be tricky but, if you’re tired of penciling them in, then consider tinting your eyebrows. Gone are the days of eyebrow dye that leaves you looking as if you’ve taken a marker pen to your face. There are lots of tints available that are more subtle. For the best look, apply to the skin a few millimeters around your eyebrow hair. This will catch the fine hairs here and give you a thicker, more natural look. Leave longer or repeat for a darker effect.

2. Teeth

You only get one set to last you forever! Well, that’s not quite true, but the first set falls out pretty quickly and, if your ‘grown-up’ teeth have been a source of disappointment to you, it’s time to book in with the orthodontist. Whether it’s teeth whitening, invisalign, All-on-4® implants, these kinds of procedures might not come cheap but they will last you a lifetime. If you never part your lips when you smile, and feel embarrassed by your pearly whites, then it’s definitely worth resolving. You won’t regret having teeth you’re proud to show off at every opportunity.

3. Lash extensions

These don’t last forever, but they’ll certainly give you much more staying power than mascara and you can pick what kind of look you want. Lash extensions come in a wide variety of colours, lengths, and thicknesses, allowing you to vary your look. You can leave them unadorned for the office, and then paint on the mascara to enhance them even more when you’re going out. Lash extensions will save you time and money and, if you have thin, pale, or short eyelashes, they can give you an instant boost. 

4. Waxing

Lots of people are put off by the pain they think waxing causes, but it’s not that bad and will save you so much time and energy spent saving or on at-home hair removal. Sometimes it’s good to go au natural, but if you fancy being super smooth for a few weeks then waxing is the way to go. It’s quick and (almost) painless. If you’re worried about it, go into your local salon and walk to a professional waxer who will help you feel braver. 

Makeup, beauty regimes – we don’t need them, but sometimes we want them. So, whether you’re a beauty specialist or an enthusiastic amateur then longer-lasting effects will make you feel like a pro. 

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