After 2020 threw us a curveball and left many of us without jobs and a direction, you might be looking for a fresh start in your life. 

Cosmetology is the art of makeup, nails, tanning, waxing, and other beauty treatments you can receive at a salon. It is a job role which is diverse and skilled, and you can meet a lot of amazing people along the way. 

If you need to build yourself a new career where you can save and make your own money, cosmetology might be a really great option for you. 

You can become an influencer 

If you have always idolized the influencers online that dominate the beauty world, becoming a cosmetologist can introduce you to their world. By offering your services to local influencers, you can stand to make more money; but you can also share your treatments online and gain a following for yourself. If this is something you have always wanted to do; becoming a cosmetologist is a great start and will give you the beauty skills that people want to see. 

It’s affordable 

One of the biggest reasons people don’t take the leap with a new job role is the cost of study. But it is important to know that an affordable cosmetology school can be found in every city. Cosmetology is a very affordable skill set to learn, so if you are interested in health and beauty you’ll be able to learn and qualify without breaking the bank. 

You work for yourself 

One of the biggest benefits of working as a cosmetologist is the flexibility of your schedule. You can choose to either work in-house at a salon or go freelance and travel to your clients. This means you are able to control the hours you work, how much you charge, and what you spend your days doing. It is incredible to be in control of your own career and it will make the world of difference to your mental health

You can be creative 

If you have always had an eye for the creative, becoming a cosmetologist can be a wonderful thing. Every time a new client comes to you for a makeup look you’ll be able to use your skills to come up with unique looks and styles. Play around with colours and products as well as different techniques and allow your creativity to shine through. 

You’ll make people happy 

We all know how much a good beauty treatment can make us feel better, and as a cosmetologist you can provide this feeling of confidence to others. The feeling of making someone feel confident and beautiful is a wonderful one, and you can spend every single day of your working life doing this. 

You can make good money 

Let’s face it; when looking for a new career path a huge factor is the money. We all need to make a decent wage and working in the beauty industry allows you to make a good wage that suits your lifestyle. You can choose what you charge and this means you can control how much you earn. 

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