Everyone knows how to waste money, but there are plenty of ways to save it, too. Whether you think about lowering your spending on utility costs or you want to save money on your commute to work, you should consider the tips we’ve got for you below. It’s a brand New Year – let’s look at the ways that you can save money this year!

Shop Cheap

You don’t have to spend like a celebrity to look like one. Find an outfit you’ve fallen for from your favorite superstar, and then go and mimic it from thrift stores and cheaper stores that will cost much less than you expected. You can still indulge in shopping, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the earth to do it!

Change Banks

You can swap your bank to one that doesn’t charge fees, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. You shouldn’t have to be charged your own money to use your bank account, so go for a smaller bank or an online service so that you can save cash every single time you use it.

Embrace Discount Movie Days

Instead of heading to the chain movie theaters to see the latest movies, why not buy movie tickets with warehouse clubs or embrace those discount movie days? You can bring your own snacks (NB: sneaking them in isn’t advised, but ask!). You don’t have to spend tons of money to enjoy great movies.

Cut The Cord

You don’t have to have plugged in services that you spend hundreds of dollars a month on. You can get all the TV you need with a Roku box or a streaming stick and you don’t have to spend as much money. Netflix is everything; embrace it!

Save Cash On Insurance

You can save cash on your car insurance when you take a look at Metromile’s website. You can do more research to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your car insurance policy. If you’re not, you’re only spending money for no reason!

Let Go Of Old Memberships

Have you seen the “Friends” episode when they try to quit the gym? That’s you just about now! Trying to quit the gym – and every other membership that you don’t use. If you’re not using memberships, then you need to let go of it. If you’ve got a service that you’re paying for that isn’t providing you with any value, then you need to stop paying for it. It’s a waste of your money and unnecessary!

Avoid Baggage Fees

Going on a trip this year? Avoid the fees for your own stuff. There are weight limits for a good reason, and you need to watch out for airline fees for your bags. You need to continue researching airlines until you find the one with the right fees and benefits for you. Otherwise, you’re spending more money than you need to when you don’t have to. It’s fun to go on a vacation, but not if it’s overpriced!

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