Are you stuck in the past when it comes to managing your money? A lot of people haven’t kept up with the tools and techniques that they can use to manage their finances, so you’re not the only one. When you need to file your taxes, budget your money or save for some specific goals, you can use a range of tools that will help to make it easier for you. You can manage your money on the move and easily check up on your finances whenever you need to. All you need to do is find out what tools are out there, beyond your online bank account services.

Use Software for Your Taxes

Getting your taxes filed is never exactly fun. Many people pay an accountant to help them out, especially if they run a business and they’re not just filing personal taxes. If you want to make it easier, there are tools that can lift some of the burden. You can even get software that helps with more modern concerns, such as Taxbit, which helps with filing taxes for Bitcoin income. Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are several ways to do it in a more modern way. Use tax software to get it done quickly and accurately.

Use a Money Management App

A money management tool can allow you to do all sorts of things, from budgeting your money to checking up on how much is in your bank account at any time. Your bank might offer an app that you can use, but there are others out there too. Budgeting apps such as Mint or YNAB can be useful for managing your spending, saving and other financial activity. Some apps are web-based or can be downloaded to your computer, while others are mobile apps that you can use on your phone or tablet.

Create Savings Pots

Creating separate accounts for your savings is one of the ways you keep track of how much you save. You can have multiple accounts for different savings needs and keep track of them all in one app or online portal. Another option is to use an online bank like Monzo, which will allow you to create different savings pots. You have just one account, but you can separate your money into different labeled pots to get a clear idea of what you’ve saved.

Save Automatically

Do you have a difficult time-saving? If it’s something that you struggle with, consider using a savings app that does it for you. New apps that use AI can put money aside for you, helping you to save what you can afford. They might do it by rounding up your purchases, for example, adding extra cents and dollars to your savings. Or they can take a small amount every now and then, save it for you, and let you know that it has been put aside.

Make your money management more modern with these tools and techniques. There are so many ways modern tech can help you.

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