It’s all well and good being head honcho of a company, but if your staff aren’t happy then it’s very unlikely that they will perform at their best. As a boss, you need to make sure that you’re taking the right steps to ensure that all of your staff are as happy as possible. In this article are going to be some ideas that you should apply to your business to keep your staff happy; therefore have a successful business.

Keep an open door policy

First and foremost, having an open door policy to your office is important for your staff’s and the business’ well being. If a member of staff has a problem outside of work, even though problems should be left at home it can be difficult to hide feelings if you’re dealing with something large outside of work. Make sure your staff know that they can come and speak to you if needed and that you would rather be aware if something is wrong so that you can try and help them. The same goes for any problems that occur within the workplace, make sure they know that they can come and speak to you about anything that’s worrying them.


There’s nothing worse than trying to work in a room that’s blistering cold. It might sound like a minor thing to be thinking about, but making sure that the heating systems in your offices are working sufficiently will contribute majorly to how your staff perform.

Get regular checks on your heating systems and if there are any problems then you can head over to Heatline for competitive replacement piping that is guaranteed to last for many years to come. Warm and comfortable staff will lead to hard work.

 Ways of keeping your staff happy as a boss

Fair vacation allocations

Although it’s understandable that you don’t want to be left short staffed when your staff are on vacation, it’s important that everyone is given a fair amount of paid vacation to book off and relax. You could set up an incentive which is that after five years you gain an extra few days of paid vacation. Doing this will keep staff happy and give them one less thing to complain about.


Much alike vacation allocations, the wages that you’re paying your staff is also important. It’s true that when they began their job if they weren’t happy with the wage presented to them then they shouldn’t have taken the job, but as time passes costs rise and people need a better salary. Rise it as you see fit and within guidelines of the law, but also make sure that you’re paying a good wage for the work you’re expecting them to do.

Apply these ideas to your business as soon as possible and you will soon notice that your staff are happier and work harder. Remember, happy staff, means a successful business!