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It’s me, Mario! Today I’m introducing something new: a weekly post with my goals, photos, and vlogs from the past week to reflect, look back and be a little more personal on the blog.

When I first started this blog I wanted to get super personal, but along the way, with a busy work life I kinda neglected this aspect, and I think it’s time to bring it back!

I’d like to recap my Instagram + Snapchat Stories here, as they disappear after a while and I put a lot of effort in it (no shame). It comes very naturally to me to create them, but it doesn’t really come naturally to me to share everything I do. So maybe I can work on this by publishing them here as well.

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With a monthly income report, a look at my life and accountability! I’m a goal digger and write my goals down every. single. day. multiple. times.

Don’t ask me why, but it feels good to stay focused. Without goals, I’m lost, and without to do lists, I’m drowning.

Without goals, I’m lost, and without to do lists, I’m drowning.

I decided to share my weekly goals + to do lists with you to give you a behind the scenes look. This helped me a lot when I was starting out, so hopefully, you like it too! 

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I’m Noni May and I work as a blogger, online business owner, and writer/photographer. I’m committed to helping bloggers, small biz owners, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & professionals create a business + life they’re happy about through awesome automations, content marketing, PR/free publicity and the right tools for an awesome digital nomad lifestyle and kick-ass photography!

I help bloggers and entrepreneurs via courses, business and blog coaching and services. I have two free courses and I provide a ton of free stuff here on the blog!

Besides business, blogging, social media, marketing/PR and money talk, I also blog about all things travel! I travel as often as possible, I’d call myself a digital nomad. Some of the things I also write about are travel guides, travel hacks and about the digital nomad lifestyle.

I have previously worked with brands like Disney, Uber, Universal, L’Oreal, Bacardi, Levi’s, Lipton Ice Tea, National Bank of Australia, Melbourne Racing Club, Ecosia, Australian Open, Mailchimp, TEDx, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Kinfolk Magazine and more. 

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Recap last week:

Last week I took it offline and mainly worked on projects offline. I had a couple of work meetings and events, and I decided to shoot a lot, as I will be traveling a lot more the upcoming weeks.

I worked with L’Oreal on a campaign, which was really fun! I’ve also locked in a couple of awesome brand collaborations, more about it soon.

Popular posts published:

Here are the to do’s for this week (weekly Goals):

  • Prepare my upcoming trips and plan everything regarding 2018. 
  • Get ready for Black Friday. Both on the blog and for my e-commerce shop.
  • Work on my content strategy for the rest of 2017. I’d like to write and schedule all the content for 2017, so I can focus on my courses the rest of the year. I also have a couple of awesome collaborations lined up, so I can’t wait to have a little bit more freedom without daily writing (which I absolutely love!).

Check out the ultimate side hustle business kit resources if you’re building something too.

  • I have a couple of cool Instagram collaborations coming, so I need to shoot the content.
  • Shut down the hosting accounts I don’t use. I’ve recently purchased another Bluehost hosting account, but I don’t really need it now. I also have a Squarespace site that I need to downgrade. ????
  • I have created 18 before 2018, and I need to get started on those 18 tasks / to do’s.
  • Get started with ClickFunnels. I recently got started with ClickFunnels and I can’t wait to set up my funnels!
  • Work on my Shopify store. It’s live already, I just haven’t launched it officially yet.
  • I wanted to try some Fiverr gigs, like buying a bundle of 20 Pinterest visuals with text that I deliver for just $5. Usually, I created them myself, but I want to experiment more with different designs. I’ve quite an advanced Pinterest strategy already by using Tailwind, but I’d like to try this – even if it’s off brand.
  • Inbox zero. I’m terrible at email, I often don’t check my email for days. Hopefully, I can get through it this week to start next week with a clean sleeve.
  • I’m hosting a Q&A soon, you can still send in questions (via Twitter!)
  • Write a press release. Learn more about my free publicity strategy that gets me in the press for free here.

And here are some weekly tasks I always schedule in my planning:

  • Schedule Instagram posts + stories (as far as that’s possible!) with Planoly and Later.
  • Schedule my Pinterest pins + campaigns with Tailwind + add new blog posts to Tailwind Tribes (click here to read more about the tribes and how to use them).
  • Keep track of my working hours + income. I use TopTracker to track my hours now that Timely only has a paid version.
  • Send out my weekly newsletter. I use Convertkit for my blog newsletter as Convertkit is specially made for bloggers. I use Infusionsoft and Aweber for my business + press newsletters (different lists) because they demand more complex strategies. I did set up an easily automated PR strategy with Convertkit for new bloggers though – read more about it here.
  • Update / create new courses. I have a couple of online courses that DO demand constant updates + creation. It’s not completely passive as many people think, but it can be when you need a week or so off. I use this platform to publish my online courses for free.
  • Backup my photos / WordPress / iPhone / Computers etc. With this in mind, I’d literally die if I would use everything! I use OneDrive to backup automatically. I can give you a 0.5 GB bonus for free if you sign-up via this link.

Personal goal list:

  • Travel to Ireland. 
  • Go to the gym 6 times (and/or walk at least 10k steps a day, preferably more). In Oz, I’d walk 20k a day, but of course, I need more time to take 20.000 steps, so I’m ok with 10.000. Since doing so I feel so much healthier, so I can definitely recommend it to everyone. On a busy day filled with appointments and meetings I easily hit 10.000, but on a focused and productive day behind the computer, I only reach (iek!) about 500 steps. So I made getting my steps in a priority.

Used tools: 

My week in images (follow me here to see them live + all video vlogs):

I did a fun tea tasting with Pure Leaf, which just launched! It was really nice, there was a food photography workshop and we had the opportunity to create our own tea blend. Here are some photos:


What are your plans for the week and which to do’s will help you slay your goals? Let me know via Twitter or Instagram! 

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