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7 Ways to boost your blog


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So, you’ve finally taken the step and you’re ready to earn 5 or 6 figures with your blog (check out this blogger who earns $100.000 EVERY MONTH!). 

So you’ve got a kicking design, and you’re ready to monetize your blog. You’ve set up your newsletter strategy, your automated Pinterest strategy, and your Instagram strategy. You’ve maybe followed a course about setting up your passive income via affiliates, a course about Instagram and a course about running a successful Facebook page strategy.

So why is nobody reading your blog?

Why isn’t your blog ‘bigger’ than it should be?

Let’s have a look at a couple of ways to boost your blog, so you get the shine you deserve!

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7 Ways to boost your blog

7 Ways to boost your blog

  1. Update old blog posts for more traffic and better SEO score. I’ve doubled my income too following these tipsdownload the free guide. I’ve seen almost immediate results, so start with updating old blog posts first!
  2. Get serious with Pinterest for more traffic and more affiliate income (read this post!). I use these tools to automate the process, check out this strategy too on how to set up your automation.
  3. Make the most out of free publicity. When you’re featured in the media and on other blogs, you will quickly grow your audience with the right kind of people. I have a couple of free publicity and PR courses, and one free course on pitching, so check them out!
  4. Don’t forget to build a social media library and share old blog posts regularly.
  5. Repurpose your content. If you have a blog post, turn it into a podcast, various Pinterest pins, an audio blog post, a course or free email course etc.
  6. Guest post on other sites!
  7. Take over Instagram accounts for Instagram Stories takeovers.

Why your blog isn't as big as it should be and 7 ideas to get you up to speed in just 5 minutes

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Content Promotion Tools: The Ultimate List 40 ways to promote your content

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