It’s the city that never sleeps, and that’s because New York has so much packed into one city; there’s no way that everything could stop. From food to entertainment, history, and culture to drinks and dancing; you’ll never get bored, or get stuck for something to make the most of. However, those who don’t live in the city, don’t get to explore for hours, days, and weeks on end; many people will only have a weekend or so to get the best bite out of the big apple. If you’re heading to the bright lights of the big city for a weekend getaway (lucky you), you’ll want to ensure that you have a focus, book what you need to, and have a base to put your shopping, freshen up, and do what little sleep you need to. Therefore, this should be the first step in your planning process (happy to help).

It’s worth making a list of things you really want to do, see, and eat so that you can narrow those things down. You can then work out a clear itinerary for your trip; always think about location, as you don’t want to be going from one end of the city to the other, only to head straight back again. Try and work in a specific direction, and work out where you’ll need to hail a cab or catch the subway. With only two days and two nights to play with, you’ll really need to narrow down what’s on your list of priorities and work out when you’re going to enjoy that multicolored bagel you spotted on Instagram and are dying to try. The following are some inspiration, ideas, and advice for those who are traveling to NYC for a weekend of nothing but fun.

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Friday Night

Assuming you’ve finished work for the week, have your bag packed, and are traveling to NYC on Friday afternoon or evening; you’ll want to make plans for when you get there. Don’t waste Friday by simply going to bed; you can sleep all you want when you return home. Head to your hotel room or Airbnb, take a hot shower and get changed. Booking tickets in advance to see A Bronx Tale or another show you’ve been longing to see for ages, is the best way to ensure your Friday night plans are just as fun as the rest of your weekend. If there’s a list as long as your arm regarding restaurants; make dinner and perhaps drinks part of Friday too; book that table or booth, put those heels on, fight that tired feeling, and go and have fun. Booking things in advance will help to encourage you to steer clear of that inviting hotel room bed until the early hours, or at least midnight (you want to do this city justice after all).


Whatever you got up to last night, you’re going to be hungry by Saturday morning. Therefore, your first part of call should be breakfast, okay, brunch then (you deserve a leisurely morning). You’re in luck; NYC has some of the best brunch spots in the US, possible the world. Whether you’re after pancakes and coffee, or a mimosa with eggs benedict; you’ll find a spot that you’ll love, and you’ll be set up for the rest of your day. Everyone’s seen snaps on Insta of the acai bowl found in Dimes on the Lower East Side, right? No? It’s time to go and try it then!

Saturday is a busy day in the city, but you’ll be able to navigate around what you want to do as long as you get your bearings. So, if it’s a hardcore day of shopping you’re after; think about if you want the big brands found in central Manhattan, or if you need to head down to the Lower East Side, Flatiron District, or over to Brooklyn, for some independent boutiques. Make dinner reservations in good time for Saturday night, or head to place in the West Village where you’re more likely to get a walk-in experience. Check out where to grab a beautiful cocktail here so that you can finish the evening off in style.


Sunday is your day of rest before heading back home again (sob). Therefore, book yourself in for a massage and a pamper session in one of the many spas in the city. The Greenwich Hotel and Mandarin Oriental are renowned for their five-star service and treatments, so should be top of your list if you’re after the ultimate facial. There are plenty of places to sip a coffee, grab a bite to eat or wander around art and exhibits, ensuring that you can have a pleasant, relaxing, and peaceful end to your whirlwind weekend romance with New York.