• Pasadena real estate market

    What is Special About Pasadena When It Comes to Real Estate?

    Pasadena has always been a desirable city in which to live. Situated in Los Angeles County, Pasadena is known for its Mediterranean climate, historical architecture, and cultural amenities. 

    In recent years, the real estate market in Pasadena has become even more competitive as buyers have discovered all that the city has to offer. You can find out more about the neighborhoods riding this wave of popularity at

    So, what is it that makes Pasadena so special when it comes to real estate?


  • A Before And Aftercare Guide For Botox Fillers In San Diego

    A Before And Aftercare Guide For Botox Fillers In San Diego

    San Diego houses close to a million and a half people from diverse backgrounds, making the city a stunning mix of cultures and interests. One thing that all city residents have in common is the desire to look and feel their best at any given time.

    For these reasons, when it comes to chemical peels, dermal fillers, and other aesthetic treatments like botox San Diego is among the top choices for residents in and around the city. Of the thousands of cosmetologists in California, hundreds of them are based in San Diego, offering city residents the unique opportunity to look great without undergoing invasive surgical procedures.

  • 5 Experiences Every Visitor Must Try in LA

    5 Experiences Every Visitor Must Try in LA

    There is a reason that Los Angeles is the land of the rich and famous. The movie studios set up there because, according to, the state laws meant Thomas Edison couldn’t sue movie moguls for using his patented technology. The warm sunny weather meant outdoor shoots were less likely to be disturbed by poor weather too. So it was no surprise that the booming business soon attracted many movie stars to set up home in this stunning location. It’s easy and fun to get into the city from LAX with and a great way to see all the city has to offer – as Los Angelas is a very big city. If you are visiting LA for a short break, here are a few things you have to put on your must-do list. 


  • The Best Boating Destinations In Florida

    The Best Boating Destinations In Florida

    If you are planning a boating trip, Florida is the best place to go. It’s the biggest boating destination in the world and there are more registered boats there than any other US state. There are so many beautiful boating destinations around the state that cater for complete beginners as well as experienced sailors. These are some of the best boating destinations in Florida. 

  • 5 Instagrammable locations in NYC you can’t miss in Instagram New York Subway photo Noni May

    The perfect itinerary for a weekend trip New York City

    It’s the city that never sleeps, and that’s because New York has so much packed into one city; there’s no way that everything could stop. From food to entertainment, history, and culture to drinks and dancing; you’ll never get bored, or get stuck for something to make the most of. However, those who don’t live in the city, don’t get to explore for hours, days, and weeks on end; many people will only have a weekend or so to get the best bite out of the big apple. If you’re heading to the bright lights of the big city for a weekend getaway (lucky you), you’ll want to ensure that you have a focus, book what you need to, and have a base to put your shopping, freshen up, and do what little sleep you need to. Therefore, this should be the first step in your planning process (happy to help). (more…)

  • 5 Instagrammable locations in NYC you can’t miss in Instagram Dumbo Manhattan Bridge bloggers location

    5 Instagrammable locations in NYC you can’t miss | Instagram New York

    As soon as I knew I’d visit New York I knew I had to make it as memorable as possible with some great photos.

    The kind of photos you want to show your grandkids because they’re kinda cool.

    As everything is so Instagrammable in New York, there really is no shortage and I created enough content for over a month, but I picked my favorite locations to help you pick your battles hihi.


  • 30 photos to inspire you to visit LA. Los Angeles travel guide by Noni May.

    30 photos to inspire you to visit Los Angeles

    When I stayed in Los Angeles I didn’t really like it. I guess you can blame the fact that I had no car because you kinda need one to survive. It was warm, and I had to take the bus all the time. That was scary haha! But at times I did enjoy the city, especially when I was shooting photos! (more…)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Georgia Tourism (USA)

    The Ultimate Guide to Georgia Tourism (USA)

    When you think about travelling to the USA, you probably think about seeing states like California, Hawaii or Florida and they are all undoubtedly great states to visit with lots to offer the average tourist, but there are other states that are worthy of your consideration too, Georgia being a case in point. (more…)

  • 4 Underrated States You Should Visit

    If you’re tired of going to the same old places when you travel around America, you should broaden your horizons a little. Sure, California, Texas and New York are great places to spend a vacation, but there is so much more to this vast country, so why not reach out and explore a little more? It’s something that you certainly won’t regret, so read on now and learn more about just 4 states that are severely underrated despite having a lot to offer. (more…)

  • Florida's special relationship with latin america

    Florida’s special relationship with latin america

    Did you know that over 70 percent of Florida’s goods exports end up in Latin America? Florida enjoys a special relationship with Latin America, which could prove incredibly lucrative in years to come. As you’ll see from this infographic, markets in Latin America are booming, and Floridian companies are ideally placed to take advantage of stronger bonds and new trade deals. (more…)