One of the very best things about the modern era is that it really never has been quite so easy to start your own business. While you might once have needed a great deal of support and backing to turn an idea for a business into a reality, now you need little more than a computer connected to the internet. You also need a great idea and the passion and drive to put in the kind of work required to make it a success.

Of course, don’t let this fool you into thinking that you’re going to be able to start your own successful business without some definite challenges in your way.

The reality is that starting a business is always going to be a long a difficult process. With that in mind, here are some of the most common obstacles that you might come up against when starting a business. Here are 3 surprising weekly business tasks for bloggers that you should take seriously. 


If there’s one thing standing between more people and a successful business than just about anything else, it’s money.

Whether you like it or not, money is always going to be the central part of any business because without it you’re never going to be able to turn the ideas that you have into a reality.

Luckily there are plenty of things that you can do to fund your business, whether it’s looking on for a potential business loan, crowdsourcing through things like Kickstarter, or simply putting your own money into it. There are so many avenues for financing your business that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find some way of bringing in the money that you need.


One of the most tempting things about starting a business as opposed to simply working for someone else is the level of freedom and independence that provides. There’s nothing quite like being able to do things on your own schedule and make sure that the business is run the way that you want.

However, that does often present an issue. Without those qualities, you’re never going to be able to make the most of your business.

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Networking is one of those things that some business owners truly relish while others absolutely dread. Whether you like it or not, a great deal of success in the business world is built around who you know. Your Network Is Your Network (my free course, enroll now!)

By being able to communicate and network with people effectively, you can create relationships. Those can help take your business to new and exciting places.

Sure, it’s not always easy, but there are plenty of resources online that can help to make networking a lot easier. And don’t forget to download the checklist down below! 

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