Growing up and studying for your chosen career may seem exciting and overwhelming. You have no idea what the future is going to hold and where it may take you. But at this point in your life through no uncertain terms, you know what you want to do for a career and it excites you.

Fast forward a few years and you land the dream job with the best company and move up the ranks. You have a family, you have the career, you make a lot of money and life seems peachy. You retire, you enjoy your time and that is the end of that. Of course, this is describing the perfect scenario or having a prosperous and successful career, but does it always work out like that? This is when we can face some of the big career decisions listed below. 

Processes can change and so can people, what next?

You could be really happy in your job, and then the board of directors or management decide to change a process or put people in place that simply can’t do the job. Infuriating, isn’t it? But within a company, if you don’t run the show yourself this is a risk you take. You either get on with the new way of doing things or you walk away and find another job elsewhere. While again this could happen in any job, it is always worth considering what you would do if you ever found yourself in this situation. 

When you want a career change?

It is never too late to want to change your career. It may seem a tough thing to do but it is worth doing at any stage if you feel strongly enough. You may want to work in the personal care industry, in law enforcement or with people. It could be you want to work in sales or even start your own business with something you are passionate about. Whatever the situation, it can be hard to have the courage to do this. But no one is trapped in their job if they don’t want to be. You have the power to make the change. 

What happens if you work with someone you don’t gel with?

Working with your colleagues is part and parcel of your job. You may have a huge tem or a select few, but there will always be someone you may have to work closely with or report into. So what happens if suddenly someone is hired and you just don’t gel with them? This can make going to work very uncomfortable for you and even make you start to question whether you want to stay in that job or with that company. It can be especially worse if the person happens to be the person you work for or report to. Working for yourself or having other income streams means you don’t have to necessarily rely on it too much. Worth a thought?

What do you do if you end up being involved in an accident?

Things happen in the workplace and they aren’t necessarily your fault. One day you could be walking, the next slipping on something that shouldn’t be there or having a machine go wrong. It could be anything, and you end up injured through no fault of your own. While you can’t necessarily blame the career for this scenario, you can see that having only one income stream or option for your livelihood could put you in financial jeopardy. 

Let’s hope this has given you something to think about. 

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