There are plenty of new careers out there that we can choose these days. Thanks to technology, the way in which we work has changed forever. People can become bloggers or start an online business from the comfort of their home. Likewise, many traditional jobs can now be completed at home too. Plenty of businesses are moving out of their offices and getting employees to work from home.

Some people will tell you that working from home is far better than working in an office. However, there are still people out there that aren’t convinced this is the way to go. So, I thought I’d put together an article that went through some of the key reasons working from home is much better than working in a traditional office setting.

Far More Convenient

Working at home is just far more convenient than working in an office. There’s no real debate here at all; if you work from home, you’re never late for work! You can get out of bed later than usual, and just walk to your home office in your pj’s. There’s no rigid structure or routine you have to follow, which makes working from home less stressful too.

I mean, if you work a traditional office job, or run a business from your own office in a city, what’s the most stressful part of your day? The commute to and from work. It’s so stressful dealing with rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoon, and arguably even worse if you get on busy public transport. It sets your day up for a bad start, and then you leave work annoyed and stressed too. If you work from home, there’s no rush hour commute, and you can start your day nice and relaxed, then continue from there.

Cheaper Option For Business Owners

If you plan on running a business, then you’re much better off doing it from home than by renting an office to work in. There are almost no overhead costs at all. Most people that start a business from home will pretty much have everything they already need; an internet connection, and a computer. These days, that’s all you need to start a blog and then begin making a business out of it. Some people may choose to upgrade their equipment, so it’s more ‘business standard’ but these costs are way less than the ongoing rent you’ll pay for an office.

Plus, you can claim a lot of your home office expenses back when you’re filing your tax return. You may even be able to put your phone and internet bill down as a business expense, saving you loads of money when tax season comes around. When you compare the two options, working from home is by far and away the cheaper of the two.

Cozy home office to work from home during and after COVID-19Fewer Risks At Home

Another reason it’s good to work from home is that there are fewer risks present. In an office, there are loads of things that can go wrong, and they’re mostly out of your control. Think about it, you could be working in a room with loads of other people, there will be hundreds of wires everywhere, and so many bits of electrical equipment plugged in. It’s so easy for an accident to happen, causing you to get hurt, and putting you out of work for a long time. Now, as it mentions on, there’s nothing more frustrating than being injured on the job. It’s painful, for one thing, but it’s also damaging to your finances. Being out of work may mean you don’t get paid, which means you struggle to pay your bills, which can lead to a deadly debt spiral.

But, if you work from home, you immediately eliminate lots of risks in the workplace. For one, you don’t have other people to worry about. There’s no fear of someone leaving a wire hanging out of their desk for you to trip over, or of someone spilling liquid over your computer. It’s just you, in your home office, and everything is under your control. The amount of people injured in their home office is way lower than the number of people injured in a traditional office. In short; it’s safer!

Potentially More Productive Environment

Working from home can potentially make you more productive than if you worked in an office. There are many arguments at play here, the first of which is that you waste less time. In an office, you may have to go out and get lunch, which wastes a good 30-60 minutes. At home, you can just go to your kitchen, get some food, and bring it into your home office. Less time is wasted walking around town and queuing in Starbucks for your lunch, meaning more time is used to be productive. What’s more, as it states on, there are loads of physical factors that make you unproductive at work. This includes things like the temperature, the quality of air, the sounds, and so on. All of which you have no control of in an office, but you can control at home. Therefore, you can set the most productive surroundings for you to work in.

Of course, many people argue that working at home makes you less productive because you have distractions around you and you aren’t in a professional environment. This is partly true, but the secret is that you create a professional working environment. If you have a home office set up, and make it as professional and good looking as possible, then you will definitely be more productive. A tip to work better with minimal effort is sprucing up your wall with an inspiring neon quote. Oh yeah, and there’s no other employees or people to distract you at home, which is another bonus on the productivity front!

As you can now see, working from home has many benefits over working in a traditional office. For me, if you run a business/blog, then it’s clearly the better option of the two. If you work for a company that allows you a choice between the two, then I also think you should choose to work from home. Or, if you run a company and have employees of your own, then it can be beneficial for both them and you if everyone works remotely from the comfort of their home office!


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