Becoming a blogger has shaped your life in ways you never thought would be possible. You wake up every single morning absolutely loving what you’re doing and you have never looked back. You realize you still have a long way to go when it comes to achieving your long and short-term goals. As a solopreneur you strive every day to make yourself stand out in a busy and crowded market, whether you’re creating innovative content for your website or you’re scheduling your social media for the week.

In your mind, every blogger is pushing to reach the same sort of goals, no matter what their specialty or niche topic may be. Every blogger wants to have loyal followers, marvelous career satisfaction and lots of money! Even if a blogger insists they’re not in the industry for the cash, they are still hoping to make some sort of income from what they do. That’s not to say that bloggers have no integrity; there are so many awesomely passionate, kind, well-meaning bloggers out there who want nothing more than to change the world and spread their message. The online world needs a lot more people like this, who are out to do well. No matter what stage you are at in your blogging career you might find it useful to explore what the most common types of goals amongst your industry are. Check them out and see how close you are to achieving ultimate career satisfaction and blogging success.

A Consistent Working Day

One minute you’re waiting for a huge video file to upload, the next minute you’re struggling to maintain a Wi-Fi connection from your home office. The consistency of a blogger’s normal working day is seemingly non-existent especially when you’re trying to work with a substandard internet connection. As a blogger you need to have a reliable connection that allows you to carry out your day to day tasks smoothly and seamlessly. Check out the packages and deals at and you will be able to invest in fast speed broadband as well as a reliable technical team that you can always rely on no matter what time of day it may be. Work as a blogger can be pretty sporadic, so knowing that at least one element of your working day is consistent should put your mind at ease.

A Sizeable Income

You quickly realized as soon as you started working as a blogger that getting paid is pretty tough. If you are still working your full time job as well as running your blog, you are lucky that you don’t have to rely on your blog as your only income. Every blogger dreams of earning a sizeable income from their passion; it will take time to achieve but it’s certainly not impossible.

That Dream Brand Collaboration

You follow a particular brand very closely online and you relate to them in many ways. Landing that dream brand collaboration is your ultimate bucket list goal, which would make everything else in your blogging life fall into place so smoothly. Working hard to show your niche interests and offering to work for this brand for free might just help you to get there eventually.

A Wonderful Website

The blogging platform that you use depicts the entire ethos behind your brand. Creating an attractive and smooth website is what every blogger is constantly trying to achieve; you take tips from popular bloggers within your market and you enlist the help from expert designers, but it isn’t always easy to get right. Over time you will get there, but building that ideal design will take a lot of hard work to achieve.

More Followers

Gaining more followers essentially means greater success for your blogging business. Without your followers you aren’t going to make an impact on your industry, so growing and retaining them is extremely important to you. Expanding your following will take precious time; it isn’t something you can rush. You want an authentic and organic increase, rather than a quick spike which quickly decreases after a couple of weeks.

A Viral Post

Every blogger wants their post to go viral on the internet, because this means more people are reading it. Creating viral content isn’t impossible and can happen to even the newest of bloggers. As long as the content is captivating, unique and provokes a response, you will be able to get the hits, likes and comments you have been looking for.

Positive Feedback

That feeling when one of your fans or followers gives you a positive comment is unbeatable. To know that even one or two people are loving your work is priceless and makes all of the hard work worth it. Allowing people to post comments on your social media will help you to grow your blog and receive the shining reviews you deserve. Obviously, this opens you up to unwelcome advice too, but you will soon learn to develop a thick skin and ignore the irrelevant comments.

Options to Grow and Expand

Imagine renting out your own blogging office space one day instead of working from your tiny spare room? Having the option to expand and grow your blog one day is an excitement every blogger feels. Whether you look forward to hiring your first employee one day or moving to a bigger location, the option to expand your blogging business will always be on the horizon.

The Ability to Work Anywhere

Blogging is appealing to many people because you can often work anywhere; this is especially relevant if you are a blogger who specializes in travel. Sunning yourself on a beach whilst creating content for your readers is something every budding blogger wants to achieve one day.

A Perfect Work-Life Balance

Finding a solid work-life balance as a blogger is increasingly difficult, especially as there is so much overlap between your life and your blogging job. It’s very hard to switch off when you know you could be doing some income-earning work. Once your blog truly takes off it will be much easier to give yourself guilt-free time off, because you will feel more comfortable with your current situation.

Loyal Fans and Followers

Fans and followers that continually praise and support you don’t come around all that often. As soon as you notice this as a blogger you need to hold onto these types of people. The blogging world is a fickle place that can make you extremely happy one day and disappoint you the next. Having those faithful people on your side can really help you during your tougher days.

A Budding Social Life

Being a blogger comes with so many exciting social opportunities. Whether you’re getting invited to events or you’re meeting up with fellow bloggers in your industry, it can become pretty hectic. Once you have made it you might even have to turn down some invitations if it gets too busy!

Aesthetically Pleasing Social Media

Making your Instagram look beautiful is important to every single blogger in the blogosphere. Having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid is almost a prerequisite for most online solopreneurs. It not only allows you to establish your brand, but it also attracts new followers to your content.

To Make a True Impact on a Community

Knowing that you are helping a community or having a positive impact is an extremely fulfilling feeling as a blogger. Perhaps you are an environmentalist, a vegan or a mental health advocate; your blog is probably helping a whole load of people to change their lives and help the world around them.

Career Satisfaction

You might not even realize the point in which you gain complete career satisfaction, but every blogger is always endeavoring every day to get there. Whether you reach your ideal number of followers or you reach the point of earning a consistent income, as long as you know when you will feel personally satisfied with your blog, you can keep working hard to get there.

Even if you are just starting out in the blogging world, there are so many exciting things for you to be aiming for and pushing to achieve. Of course, not every blogger will have exactly the same priorities but you can be sure that you are all on the same page for the most part. Look to other bloggers in your community for support, as they will probably be going through exactly the same day to day problems as you are.

Don’t let anybody prevent you from reaching the achievements that are important to you; if anybody tries to hold you back they don’t deserve a place in your life. Try to focus on the most important goals that will mean the most to you, as these will give you the highest levels of career satisfaction. So if you have been stuck in a rut recently or confused about where your dreams might be leading you, consider all of the goals above and start ticking them off your list today.

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