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How to turn around a bad day (at work)


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Every now and then I have a bad day. Yesterday I had a bad day at work. Everything went wrong, from disappointing emails to literally slipping everything out of my hands. I wrote some things down how to turn around a bad day, here are my tips. Hopefully you can use them during a bad day. 

| 1. Start the day over |

Accept that you have a bad day, and decide to start over. Go for a walk (change atmosphere for a while) and come back to your desk fresh. Write down a new to do list, look to the world with a new attitude. Do you work from home? Try to make time to take a shower (yes – in the middle of the day, it’s ok) and try on some new clothes (preferably your favourite outfit!). This will help you feel new and fresh. Who said you had a bad day again?

| 2. Have a look at things you love |

Pinterest, the place for all things pretty is the place to find happiness during working hours. I recently created a personal account, you can follow me here. You can look for happiness quotes, happy images or just baby animals; whatever makes you happy. My reminder for a happy life is this board I created.

| 3. Be alone |

Get some work done without the need to communicate with others. As it might go wrong, try to work alone and unplug. On a bad day it’s likely you’ll say things you will regret later. So try to have some you + work time and enjoy your quiet time.

Having a bad day at work-

| 4. Try to let it go |

Try to let things go (insert Disney song..). Accept the fact that you have a bad day and that tomorrow will be better. Mindfulness and meditation may help you with accepting things.

| 5. Write everything down |

Start journalling your day. Write down what you have accomplished today. Write down what went wrong. Clear your mind with lists… start a to do list, create a happy list, a everything that went wrong today list, etc.. And if you’re still angry afterwards, feel free to shred the paper (this works very therapeutic)!

Good luck!

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