Every now and then I have a bad day. Yesterday I had a bad day at work. Everything went wrong, from disappointing emails to literally slipping everything out of my hands. I wrote some things down how to turn around a bad day, here are my tips. Hopefully you can use them during a bad day. 

Start the day over

Accept that you have a bad day, and decide to start over. Go for a walk (change atmosphere for a while) and come back to your desk fresh. Write down a new to do list, look to the world with a new attitude. Do you work from home? Try to make time to take a shower (yes – in the middle of the day, it’s ok) and try on some new clothes (preferably your favourite outfit!). This will help you feel new and fresh. Who said you had a bad day again?

Have a look at things you love

Pinterest, the place for all things pretty is the place to find happiness during working hours. I recently created a personal account, you can follow me here. You can look for happiness quotes, happy images or just baby animals; whatever makes you happy. My reminder for a happy life is this board I created.

Be alone

Get some work done without the need to communicate with others. As it might go wrong, try to work alone and unplug. On a bad day it’s likely you’ll say things you will regret later. So try to have some you + work time and enjoy your quiet time.

Having a bad day at work-

Try to let it go

Try to let things go (insert Disney song..). Accept the fact that you have a bad day and that tomorrow will be better. Mindfulness and meditation may help you with accepting things.

Write everything down

Start journalling your day. Write down what you have accomplished today. Write down what went wrong. Clear your mind with lists… start a to do list, create a happy list, a everything that went wrong today list, etc.. And if you’re still angry afterwards, feel free to shred the paper (this works very therapeutic)!

Good luck!


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