Month: May 2020

  • Tips to create the best office atmosphere ever - that make work fun

    How Can You Improve Your Working Environment?

    A good working environment can help your employees to work harder. When they feel comfortable in their workplace, they are happier and more productive. There are lots of elements to your working environment that you can consider if you want to turn it into the best place that it can be. From the temperature and lighting to how welcoming the culture is to your employees, there are many things that you can pay attention to if you want to improve your working environment. Here are some of the ways to make it a better place for your employees to work. (more…)

  • How To Develop The Skills Of A True Leader

    How To Develop The Skills Of A True Leader

    Being at the top of your game is an incredible feeling. And whether you plan to get there through launching a business or scaling the corporate ladder, there’s one thing that you’ll need to propel yourself to the top – leadership skills. We often fall into the trap of thinking that some people are born leaders – with the attendant implication that we might not be. But that isn’t true at all. Actually, there are a number of leadership styles, and learning which one you are, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and working towards improving the skills you need can make you a far better leader than anyone who assumes it’s their birthright. So how do you begin to develop those skills? (more…)

  • How to Be More Confident at Work

    How to Be More Confident at Work

    Although some people appear to be naturally confident, chances are they’ve simply worked on their self-esteem and benefited from using tried and tested techniques to boost their confidence. No-one is born confident, so we all need to learn how to assert ourselves in varying environments. 

    However, ‘confidence’ doesn’t appear anywhere on school schedules or college timetables, so it’s something we tend to learn at different rates and at different ages. Perhaps you’re about to start your first post-graduate role and you’re feeling nervous about the transition? Maybe you’ve been a manager for more than a decade, but you still struggle to push yourself forwards in the workplace?

    No matter what stage you’re at, it’s never too late too to increase your confidence and become a more natural leader at work. To give yourself a head start, take a look at these top tips and begin enjoying a more confident workplace persona today: (more…)

  • Financial Careers You Might Want to Consider

    Financial Careers You Might Want to Consider

    During the lockdown, many of us have had a lot of time to reflect on our careers. Usually, when we’re in the throes of routine with work, we get little time to actually think about what we’re doing. We get up, we get ready, we make the commute, we work, we commute back, then we spend what free time we have trying to fit in exercise, social plans or just a little relaxation. Now some of us have had the opportunity to mull things over, we’ve found that we might not be quite on the path that we want to be. Maybe we don’t actually like the field we’re working in. Maybe we don’t enjoy our role. Maybe we’re not progressing as we’d like. Maybe we’d like to break into a new field or area. Now, there are plenty of career paths out there that you can take and it would be nigh on impossible to tackle them all in one post, but if you’re good with numbers, a financial career might be a good option for you! (more…)

  • 4 Reasons Wanderlust Is Essential To Your Business

    4 Reasons Wanderlust Is Essential To Your Business

    Usually, business and travel don’t go together. Sure, there’s the odd trip that lets you soak in the sights while making money, but they are rare. As an entrepreneur or an employee, you will have to decide whether you want to travel or launch an enterprise. Anything else is impractical or unrealistic.

    So, when you hear that a sense of wanderlust is essential to success, you will be surprised. “But I thought…” Forget conventional logic because the truth is you can boost your company by embracing your love of traveling.

    Continue reading to find out why you should indulge your travel bug. (more…)

  • Buying A House? Be Prepared For The Following Costs

    Buying A House? Be Prepared For The Following Costs

    Buying your first house or apartment is one of the most exciting steps you’ll take in life. It’s a sign of true independence and a reflection of a lot of hard work. It can take many years to save for your first property, but it will be worth it when you get there.

    Saving for your deposit is one of the biggest challenges you can face to get on the property ladder, but wholly satisfying once you achieve it. But while you think you’re over this crucial hurdle, there are still other costs waiting to come the way that you need to be prepared for. 

    Find out what to expect for your finances when it comes to buying your first house.  (more…)

  • 4 Big Techniques That Will Make Your Business Look Larger

    4 Big Techniques That Will Make Your Business Look Larger

    Life isn’t easy for small businesses. Although the internet has made it less challenging, there’s no doubt that big firms continue to have considerable advantages. Massive brands enjoy a better reputation among consumers, more media attention, and smaller operating costs due to increased revenues.

    Unfortunately, all of this matters in the minds of shoppers, as 71% of customers will buy a product or service from a business they recognize. Ouch. The key for SMEs is to grow and expand, but these processes aren’t always realistic as it takes time to establish a brand and base.

    So, the next best step is to fake it until you make it. Here are four options. (more…)