Month: January 2022

  • Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

    Traditional Vs Digital Marketing, What Is Right For You?

    Marketing is a field that changes so quickly that it can sometimes seem hard to keep up. Defined, digital marketing is the use of digital platforms for brand communication, such as websites and social media. If you use social media, you’re probably familiar with the advertisements that appear in your feed—this is digital marketing. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, uses old-fashioned methods like billboards and print ads. Consider television commercials and other ways companies would attempt to be seen by as many people as possible. Traditional marketing used to be pretty much the sole method of marketing until the internet was developed in the 1990s. After all, conventional marketing does not imply that it is outdated. With the ever-increasing desire to leave the digital world, traditional marketing continues to play a vital role in people’s lives.


  • What Are Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Models?

    What Are Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Models?

    In the world of computer science, data modeling is a popular term. After all, everything in this world is driven by data. Whether it be an application, a website, or a system, everything needs to store and deal with data. In many cases, databases are used to store this information so it can later be retrieved easily. The data has to go through a few steps before it can be stored efficiently. 

    Computer engineers and programmers often use the three modeling techniques Conceptual, Logical, and Physical to create the perfect structure which can then be used to implement the data management. In this article, we will dive deep into the topic of data modeling and discuss the three main data models.

  • Everything About A Motor Trader Insurance Policy

    Everything About A Motor Trader Insurance Policy

    Not everyone can have a motor trader policy or needs one. It is for certain trades or occupations that will be involved with driving or moving around the vehicles owned by another individual or entity. They are the custodian of them while they work on them or try to sell them and so need insurance protection should any loss or damage occur, in respect of the other person’s vehicle.

    It is possible to find out more about these kinds of policies and to purchase one, by visiting a site such as the one for, that by its very description can cater for all your insurance needs in one place.

    Let us now examine just what the requirements are that will mean insurers accept you, when it comes to offering you a competitive quotation for motor trader insurance.

  • How to Turn Things Around After a Poor Startup Launch

    How to Turn Things Around After a Poor Startup Launch

    It’s not always the case that startups launch without a hitch and things go great. It’s actually much more common for startups to struggle a little and to make mistakes in those early days and weeks. If that’s the situation you find yourself in with your startup, what are the steps you can take to turn things around and potentially salvage the launch period before it’s too late? Read on to find out.

  • Health Choices You're Making Right Now That You'll Regret When You're 50

    Health Choices You’re Making Right Now That You’ll Regret When You’re 50

    There are generally two types of people in the world: those who prioritise pleasure, and those who prioritise joy. People who prioritise please look to the external world to satisfy themselves and make them happy. (So, most people then). People who prioritise joy look to their internal world to keep them satisfied. If you’re in the former camp, you’re heading down a dark alley. That’s because pleasure is fleeting, and much of it eventually results in pain. You’re making decisions today that won’t serve you tomorrow. If you’re living with joy, though, you don’t need external things. No matter what chaos is going on around you, you’re able to maintain the sanctity of your core. 

    In this post, we take a look at some of the health choices you’re making right now that you’ll regret when you’re fifty. Check them out below. 

  • blogging questions answered blogging faq

    Blogging FAQ: Is It Too Late To Start A Blog In 2024? Your blogging questions answered!

    As you know I’m a big advocate for blogging and I think everybody should start a blog. I’ve been blogging for over 16 years and I have built my whole business around it! I get a lot of questions about blogging all the time. Like is it too late to start a blog? Can you make money with blogging? I don’t have time to blog and more! Some of them are really relevant for 2023, so I thought it’s time to do a blogging FAQ!

    You can always ask me additional questions. Mail them to nm at with the subject “blogging FAQ” and I’ll add your question here!

  • Easy Tips For A Smooth Moving Day

    Easy Tips For A Smooth Moving Day

    Moving day is always a stressful time for everyone involved. Whether you’re the one picking up your entire life to move, or you’re helping someone else do it, there are many things that need to be done on moving day. Below are some helpful tips to make this process as smooth and easy as possible.

  • 5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Type of Home for Your Family

    Shopping for a home should be a pleasant experience, as would-be homeowners have a chance to explore their options and decide which communities and home features will best fit their needs. However, there are times when home shopping is stressful. When homebuyers don’t do the required research prior to starting their search, problems frequently develop. So, what can home shoppers do to make the buying process easier? Here are five steps home shoppers can take to make sure they find the ideal property.