The best way to get your business of to a great start is by carefully choosing the right industry to venture in to. Pick one that’s booming and you can ride the wave right away. Pick one that’s struggling, and you’re swimming against the current from the word go. In today’s blog post I’ve made a short list of the top three industries to start a business in right now. All of these industries are booming at the moment, which means they offer countless opportunities for a cunning entrepreneur.


You can’t go wrong with an industry like electronics as it’s firmly rooted in almost everything we do these days. Take a look around you right now, and you’ll see countless things that are fitted with electronic circuits and so on. The world needs electronics to function, so this is a great industry to get involved in. Plus, as it shows on, there’s software out there that makes designing electronics a lot easier too. In essence, the demand is there for these types of products, and the tools are there for you to use as well. Furthermore, there’s absolutely no shortage of business ideas in this industry either.

Mobile Business

Contrary to what you might think, this industry is all about businesses that are mobile. The aim of the game is to start a business that you can bring to your customers. You offer them a service, and then you deliver it to them. This is a very popular and profitable industry because consumers like not having to do much to get a service. They haven’t got to venture from their home, you bring everything to them. As you can see on, there are plenty of great money-making ideas in this industry, so your options are wide open.

Online Education

The third industry that offers great business opportunities is the world of online education. Nowadays, it costs a lot of money to pursue education through the traditional path of school then university. Not only that, but more and more people want to re-educate themselves when they’re in their late twenties to thirties. As a consequence, the demand for alternative means of education is rising. Step forward online education as a way for people to get many qualifications without leaving their home. It’s convenient, flexible, and people love it! Of course, there are so many ways you can start a business in this industry, which makes it an even better option.

The great thing about these three industries is that they’ll continue to grow and get more profitable. Electronics will always be a massive feature of modern life, and we’ll grow more dependent on it in the future. The concept of mobile businesses has been gaining popularity for some time, and all the research suggests this won’t stop soon. Finally, online education is getting a lot of attention, and it could well grow to the point where all education is online.

The bottom line is; you have countless opportunities here, and you can expect more opportunities in the future too.


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