Cryptocurrency trading is the practice of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements via spread betting or CFD trading account, or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. If you know what you’re doing, crypto trading can be a good way to earn some extra money. Always be careful when investing, and make sure you’re confident in the results before trying it. 

Only invest what you can lose

Hobby investors can easily get burned by market crashes. This makes the most important rule of crypto trading, or any trading, to be to only invest what you can afford to lose. As soon as you convert your money into cryptocurrency, consider it lost. There is no guarantee that you will get that money back. Losses can come from dips in the market, or from more extraordinary problems like hacks, bugs, or even government regulation. Protect yourself by only investing what you can live without. Additionally, you can spend a lot of money on fees, which might leave you wondering “why is coinspot so expensive?”. Be sure to do your research on how much fees are to deposit but also how to withdraw your crypto so you do not find yourself in a difficult situation further down the road.
You should also ensure that the wallet in which you store your crypto is secure, as this can prevent theft or loss of coins and profits. Beyond this, if you decide to diversify your investment portfolio further and begin trading your coins, security must again be at the forefront of your mind. Make sure any trading platform you use, whether that be Bitcoin Apex official or another reputable platform, is well-reviewed and recommended, and uses security features such as two or multi-factor authentication. This way, you can focus on nailing your strategy, rather than worrying about someone else getting their hands on your earnings. 

Always pay attention to Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are known as altcoins, and their value is connected very closely to Bitcoin. If Bitcoin prices rise dramatically, altcoin prices will drop as people try to sell their altcoins in order to buy into Bitcoin. If Bitcoin prices drop, then altcoin prices can drop too as people transfer cryptocurrency back into the traditional tender. The best times for altcoin is when Bitcoin is static or is growing or declining organically. Use a trading desk to stay informed. 

Diversify your portfolio

The potential to earn more is increased with the amount of money that you invest in one coin. However, the potential to lose more is also increased when you do this. Look at the market of cryptocurrency as a whole. If the market keeps growing, it won’t be with only one coin, but more likely with the success of several. Diversify in order to best reap the benefits of overall growth from multiple coins. 

Don’t be greedy

As a coin begins to grow, our inner greed can make it harder to cash out while we’re ahead. You want to hold on in case it grows more. If you’ve made a profit, take it, even if only part of it. Nobody ever lost money by taking a profit. If you wait too long or try to get out at a higher point, you could risk losing the profit you have already earned or could turn that profit into a loss. Take profits and scour for reentry instead. 

Don’t invest blindly

In addition to using a regulated trading platform (click here for an example) and ensuring you do not fall prey to a scam platform, you should be careful of the advice you receive. There are people who are very unscrupulous and looking to take advantage of naive investors. These people will tell you what to buy in order to increase the prices so they can exit. Or will point you to a fake trading platform using a currency designed to fail. Cryptocurrency is a very speculative market so a good investor should always do their own research so you can take full responsibility for the outcome. Information given by another investor, even one with good intentions, is never a promise and could lead to you being burned. Always take advice with a pinch of salt, and do your own homework before investing. 

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