Going to college or attending university is something we often associate with adolescence. Many people wrongly believe that they only get one chance to go to university, but education is there for us all, whatever our age and wherever we are in our career. So whether you want to learn something new, gain a qualification to prove your knowledge in a subject you already know or simply want to have a chance to enjoy the university experience, then here are 5 reasons why you may want to consider going back to university. 

1. It could help you change career

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job or are starting to wonder whether the career you’re in is the one for you, then going back to university could be the driver for change that you need. Going back to university is the perfect chance to pursue another passion and to gain a qualification that will help you to jump-start a new career. It doesn’t matter if you’re pivoting slightly from your current career path or are doing a complete 180, there’s always time to start a-fresh. 

2. It could help you to jump up the ladder 

Climbing the career ladder can take years, and sometimes it may seem like younger, less experienced people are climbing up ahead of you. Getting a Grand Canyon University accreditation or a degree from another university is the perfect way to make yourself stand out. A qualification not only improves your credentials on paper but could make you better at your job and certainly proves your commitment to your career path. 

3. It could increase your salary 

We’d be lying if we said that money wasn’t a significant motivator when it comes to our careers and one way to ensure that you are able to earn more money is to gain a university qualification. Jobs that require university qualifications usually come with more responsibility and therefore higher pay packets. So if you’re looking to earn a little more money then investing some into a University degree could be the way forward. 

4. It could increase your self worth 

When was the last time that you did something simply because you wanted to? Going back to education can be a great way to improve your self-worth by doing something for yourself that will help you to build up your self-esteem. Attending university is not only prestigious in itself but you’ll feel as you start passing your assignments and working towards attaining a highly prized degree. 

5. It could introduce you to lifelong friends

Finally, if money, prestige and a better place on the career ladder aren’t enough to convince you to give university another try, then you could also meet some amazing life long friends. Attending university is the perfect chance to meet like minded people who share a passion for the same subject as you and many people come out of their degree with friends with whom they stay connected with for many years to come.

So there you have it – 5 reasons why you should consider giving university another go. Are you considering going back into education?

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