Before jumping into the post, I should confirm that this isn’t a deterrent for education or attending University. In fact, a better title may be that you don’t ALWAYS need a degree to achieve your dreams.

A degree will inevitably open up doors, but it isn’t the only key available. We are all unique, and your individual pathway may not necessarily include University. But that doesn’t mean that education shouldn’t be embraced. In truth, targeted courses can teach valuable skills that a generic degree might not. For example, scientific molding seminars can give manufacturers a far greater sense of direction. Those sentiments can be applied to almost any type of career also.

| Your self-development plan of life |

Education forms a crucial part of your self-development plan, but so does experience. Even University graduates will find that seeking employment without a track record is a minefield. Whether it’s paid work or a part-time voluntary placement doesn’t matter. Experience will always stand you out from the crowd when making future applications. Besides, there’s no better way to learn than on the job.

| Your network is your net worth | 

Furthermore, experience in the field can give you a chance to make contacts. You’ve heard the old saying that it’s who you know that counts on thousands of occasions, and it’s true. Therefore, increasing your network is arguably one of the best investments you’ll ever make to your career. After all, you never know when an opportunity may arise. Whether it’s human interactions or via LinkedIn doesn’t matter. Staying fresh in their minds is essential.

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Increasing your contacts list is one thing, but actually impressing them is another altogether. In some situations, not possessing a degree may put you at a slight disadvantage. This shouldn’t stop you from setting a positive tone from the start, though. A great CV and cover letter is only just the start.

| Build trust | 

Employers need to know that you are trustworthy and likable. After all, they want to hire someone that will fit into the team. Don’t be afraid to use the internet for researching both the company and the individual recruiters. Combine this with a portfolio website, and you’ll be sure to make a winning impression. Remember that dressing to impress is crucial too as, if hired, you will be representing their brand. Letting yourself down here is arguably the biggest sin of all.

Getting a job in the dream company is an amazing breakthrough. Your long-term ambitions will involve climbing the ladder too. Setting goals is a crucial step to help keep you on track. Meanwhile, learning how to approach subjects like asking for a raise can have a huge impact on your career too.

Of course, earning money for someone else is only one option. You could always start a business of your own. Either way, it’s important to find the right balance between immediate and long-term goals. As long as you do this, you will keep moving forward towards your dream destination.

A brighter future awaits, regardless of whether you have a degree or not.

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