Life gets pretty busy sometimes, and it can be hard to stay organised. Is that important meeting today or tomorrow? Do the kids have everything they need for school? Am I drinking enough water? There’s so much pressure on women to do it all these days, but we should be thankful for that. Never before has it been more possible for a woman to reach her career goals, while doing everything else at the same time. Women are powerful and motivated, but we all need a little helping hand every now and again. Here are some items that business women shouldn’t do without.

Business Card Holder

There’s a business opportunity around every corner. Every business owner has missed an opportunity at one time or another because they weren’t properly prepared. Carrying your business cards in a holder in your handbag not only makes it convenient but it also looks professional should you need to take one out. You may also want to carry a separate one for accepting business cards from other people.

A Good Accountant

If you’re doing your own taxes, stop now. You have more important things to concentrate on if you’re running a business or working your way up the career ladder. There’s also the risk that you’ll make a mistake on how much you’re meant to pay. Overpay and you’re in the clear, but underpay and you could face severe punishment. A tax attorney will be able to provide you with the advice you need if you ever face a difficult situation with your taxes.

An Organiser

Even if you have a personal assistant, there’ll still be times when you need to remember details or contacts. Whether you use a digital organiser or an old-fashioned pen and paper, being able to store important details that you can get to easily is a must have for all business women. Organisers will come for free on smart phones, tablets or laptops, but there’s something about being able to write things down that feels professional.

5 Things Every Business Woman Needs

Confidence Boosting Outfit

Women feel more confident in front of people when they know they look their best. If you’re determined to take the business world by storm, get yourself a go-to outfit that will boost your confidence. There’s no better feeling than sealing a deal while dressed to impress. Why not try a tailored suit?

An Emergency Kit

As a business woman, it’s likely that you spend your days in front of many people, and some of those people may look to you for inspiration. So, if you’re caught in torrential rain on your way to the office or it’s a hot day and there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself from sweating, you’ll need your own personal survival pack. Include items like essential make-up, hair clips and grips, wet wipes and deodorant. That way, you’ll never have to face a crowd feeling embarrassed about how you look.

The key to surviving the business world is the skill to be able to see what’s around the corner and get prepared for it.