Many people dream of manufacturing their own product from scratch. If you have a great idea, building it yourself could make you very rich. But what steps do you need to take in order to begin? I did some research, because yes, it’s been a dream of mine. Of course, this process is not cheap, so make sure you enroll in my $5k in 21-days challenge before you start, to earn your extra $5000 in 3 weeks! 

| Outline Your Ideas and Designs |

The first thing you’ll want to do is outline your ideas and designs. These are for your benefit, so you can begin creating the perfect representation of your idea. It’s a good idea to take your time. Think of multiple designs that could work, and ask yourself questions. What could go wrong with certain designs? Can you come up with pros and cons? Brainstorming will allow you to choose the best design to go with. Search on Pinterest for design ideas! (And follow me there @nnonimay)

| Create Your Own Prototype |

Now the fun part. You can create your own prototype! This prototype isn’t supposed to be perfect. It’s simply supposed to represent that which you’re trying to create. You can use clay, plastic, or anything else you think will be suitable to create your product. Creating the best version of your product comes later. For now, this is about getting an idea of what can work and learning from your mistakes.

| Test It Out |

Test out your product to help you figure out what must be changed. Will it break easily? Could it injure somebody? Make sure you know as much as you can about your product.

| Find Somewhere To Mass Produce Your Invention |

If you decide you have the design right, then look for somewhere to mass produce your product. In some cases, you may want to continue to product the product yourself. However, you won’t be able to produce nearly as much stock this way. Looking for a manufacturer to help you do this is very important. Don’t rush, and make sure you read reviews. If you would rather create the product yourself, it could be worth investing money in injection molding training. You’ll then have all of the knowledge you need to create your product out of plastic.

| Beware Of Potential Scams |

There are many potential scams you could fall victim to out there. Make sure that before working with any company, you search online to read reviews. Being smart is a must. However, just because a manufacturing company or another supplier has a bad website, does not mean they are going to scam you. In fact, many people will tell you that manufacturing companies are well known for having bad websites. It doesn’t affect the quality of their product.

| Make Sure There’s A Demand For Your Product |

You need to make sure there’s a demand for your product before you go and produce thousands and thousands of them. It’s a good idea to manufacture them in small batches first, so you can ensure you’re going to sell the amount you need to sell to make your money back.

Manufacturing your own product from scratch won’t be easy. You’ll need to make sure you have everything covered and that it’s going to suit your target market. Taking your time is a must. Research and learn as much as you can before hand to get it right!



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