In the current climate, many women are just happy to have a job. The economies of the world are still struggling to recover from the financial crash, so any employment is often seen as something to be thankful for.

This attitude means that many women tolerate behavior and expectations in the workplace because they feel they have to; that things can’t be better; that the mere act of having a job is one that should be appreciated.

This isn’t the case. Even in times such as these, workers have the right to expect fair treatment. If they don’t receive it, they also have the right to seek a way to rectify that– whether that be legally, or having the confidence to try and move into a different role. If you are currently going through a tough time at work, it might be worth reading through the below and seeing where you stand.

1. A Lack Of Security

If you have been working for a company for more than a year, you have a right to security within your contract. Waiting for a renewal every six months is no way to live; it means you can’t effectively plan for the future. It’s advisable to talk to your boss about potentially extending your contract if you intend to stay in the role.

Whether or not you are successful in this will depend on your company. Companies tend to like short-term contracts, as it means in the event of a redundancy, they have to pay less in terms of severance. However, there is absolutely no harm in asking– with any luck, your boss will see it as a sign you’re invested in the company and plan to remain a reliable worker for a long time to come.

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2 – An Aggressive Boss

Short and sweet here: a boss raising their voice, using expletives, or otherwise being aggressive to you is never okay— even if you’ve done something wrong. There is a difference between being given a professional dressing down, and being outright abused just for trying to your job.

If you do experience this issue, your first port of call for complaint should be to upper management. They may be able to intervene with your boss and ensure that the situation does not develop again.

However, if you are part of a workplace where such issues seem to be an integral part of the culture, you may wish to ask yourself if you want to be involved in such a toxic environment. If you feel that you can brush off these kinds of altercations, then fair play, but be wary that the toll of them may begin to feel stifling after awhile. If you begin to experience any signs of stress or fear, then moving on might be the best thing you can do to help your mental health.

3 – Unsafe Working Conditions

We know from the news that not all working environments are made equal. Some bosses go out of their way to ensure employee safety; others… really don’t. If you are working in unsafe conditions or without the requisite safety equipment, then this is definitely not something you should just put up with.

You have recourse here. Your boss might be breaking the law by not complying with safety guidelines; you could look into anonymously reporting them to see if an inspection will improve things. If you are injured in the course of your work, then it’s important to find work injury lawyers that will give your case the personalized attention that you need to see if there might be financial recompense available.

4. Harassment Of Any Nature

Harassment comes in all forms. The most well known is probably sexual harassment, which can be problematic in the workplace. It’s smart to take on a sexual harassment attorney when it happens, to help you through it. It is also considered harassment if anyone in your office is constantly calling you, teasing you, or playing pranks on you that you don’t appreciate.

You have a right to feel safe and at ease at work, so report any offenders to upper management– do it anonymously if you don’t feel comfortable discussing the matter in person.

5. Being Required To Go Above And Beyond

The modern workplace can be a tough place to be, but being grateful to have a job doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the above. Take action where required and guarantee yourself a better working environment, and thus a healthier state of mind. Whether it’s your dream job or a just-for-now job, you have rights, so don’t be afraid to defend them.

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