The internet gives us countless opportunities to run a profitable business in the comfort of our own home. In order to become successful, it’s vital that you look for ways to drive traffic, increase exposure and offer compelling products. Here are five tips to help you be more successful in your eCommerce venture.

Don’t use stock product photograph

Stand out from the competition by taking your own pictures of the products instead of using generic images. It’s worth investing in a small setup to take high-quality images of your products so you can set yourself apart.

Use meaningful descriptions

Describe the products thoroughly and make sure you list all the specifications to inform your audience about the products you have. Again, you shouldn’t take generic descriptions but instead, use search engine optimisation strategies to help those product pages appear on Google’s searches.

Good website design

Good web design helps you attract more customers, it improves your search engine optimisation and it makes it easier for customers to purchase your products.

Make your content mobile-friendly

Almost half of all web users access the internet using a mobile phone. By creating mobile-friendly content that works great on smartphones and tablets, you open up your store to a wider audience.

Take note of trends and use them to your advantage

It’s vital to always stay up to date with the latest trends. Below, we’ve included a helpful infographic that will teach you about the latest eCommerce trends in 2019.

Design by  Trade Vitality

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