When broadcasting our content, it can be difficult to understand how the next step might best affect us. With YouTube, a new platform that still hasn’t finished its development, it can be hard to know just how and why your content or approach might be succeeding or failing. Of course, one of the markers of success is that of monetization. If your videos are earning enough views and you have enough of a subscriber count, you will start to get a portion of advertisement revenue among other things. This can be an extremely motivating time, because it suggest that your content is so good people wish to watch it and potentially pay for it. That’s as good a milestone as any.

However, it can be tough to know how to handle your channel when this occurs. No matter what category of advice you’re giving, or what style of content you’re developing, you may wish to follow this advice below, as it could help you diversify and protect yourself from YouTube’s controversially fickle monetization policies:

Appeal Demonetization

Unfortunately, it has been known that demonetization occurs fairly regularly for seemingly arbitrary reasons on YouTube’s platform. This could be due to swearing, content not considered completely ad-friendly, or sometimes just for no reason at all. Thankfully, there is an appeals process. If you appeal every single negative decision your way, you will at least either have the video reinstated for monetization, or alternatively you may gain further clarification as to the reasons. Of course, it’s not a foolproof system and sometimes you will feel dejected and annoyed, but this is the best way to recuperate some losses.

Apply Personal Affiliate Marketing To Monetize Youtube

It could be that using competent affiliate marketing companies you can connect to brands and potentially use your platform to advertised tailored content for your audience. This could help you pay the bills, but also further legitimize your show or presence by showing it’s something excellent companies are interested in. A shoutout or a link in your video description could mean all the difference, and can serve as a regular, more direct approach to monetizing your videos. The complete guide to affiliate marketing can be found in my Ultimate Guide to Blogging & Affiliate Marketing or in this affiliate marketing course that I recommend to everyone!

Diversify With Other Platforms Besides Your Youtube Content Monetization

Never only stick to YouTube. Use social media platforms to keep your content updated and your audience engaged. Open a Patreon or other patron format service account to potentially receive donations where necessary, or use streaming platforms such as Twitch that allow for real-time donations, subscriptions, and a range of other monetization potentials. When you have many potential income sources, you not only earn from a range of avenues, but allow for any member of your audience to find the platform to support you they prefer, and that can be extremely useful. No matter what style of content you provide, these kind of tips can help you connect with your audience and keep the show going.

With these tips, you should enjoy content monetisation success through and through. All you need work on is your audience.

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