Cancer is a term that nobody likes to hear from their doctor. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer forms diagnosed in India. Though it accounts for almost 25%-31% al the total cancer reports in women, most of these are not life-threatening. 

Early detection and breast cancer treatment is the best way to fight this disease. Fortunately, after years of research and experiments, new forms of treatment and medications have been developed to fight this deadly disease—survival rates have increased tremendously in the last decade.

Though the disease has been around for a few decades, many are unaware of the causes, medication, and treatment of this disease. Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it is about one’s health, and you must be able to differentiate myths from facts.

Knowledge about breast cancer is necessary for everyone, and it will help society detect, diagnose and cure this troublesome disease early and efficiently. This article will list some popular myths and the facts about this disease.

Following are some myths and facts of breast cancer:

Myth 1: A lump in your breast is cancer

Fact: You cannot assume every lump is cancer, the body develops lumps in different areas a few times in your lifetime, but to be safe, one must stay calm and visit the doctor. Breast imaging studies are important to ensure that the lump is cancer or not, and your physician will make the diagnosis immediately after your visitation.

Myth 2: If your parents, grandparents, and relatives never had cancer, you are safe.

Fact: Cancer has nothing to do with family history and it is not fully dependent on hereditary alone. Around 5-10% of people diagnosed with this disease have a history of it in their family. The reasons behind this disease are ambiguous. Smoking, obesity, alcohol, etc., are the reason behind this disease. 

Myth 3: Only women are affected by this cancer. 

Fact: It is a popular misconception because most patients are older women (50+). Young women and men are also vulnerable to this condition. Only regular self-check-ups and a minimum of a half-yearly visit to your doctor (especially for the elder) can help keep your health in check.

Myth 4: People who follow a healthy diet and lifestyle are safe.

Fact: Healthy lifestyle is the way, but that is not a guarantee of a cancer-free life. A healthy diet will let you stay fit and strong; it will also prevent many diseases, but not cancer. There is always a chance of a healthy person developing cancer.

Myth 5: Use of deodorant and antiperspirants cause it too.

Fact: It is a wide circulation misconception about deodorants. It is not good for your skin to absorb all these deodorants, but there is no scientific evidence to claim it as a cause of cancer.

Myth 6: Young people are safe.

Fact: Young people are not shielded by and magic field to prevent cancer. If you are not following a healthy lifestyle and are a chain-smoker and heavy drinker, you might have cancer.

These are the popular myths and facts about breast cancer. In this age of information, fake news spreads faster than real one. So, share this article with your friends and people in need. It will help them realize the situation and the precautions to take. Spread the word and stay healthy, and if you come in contact with someone who has cancer, impart this knowledge.

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