India is a rich celebration of cultures, cuisines, festivities, and splendid landscapes. This is evident right from verdant villages to lively metro cities. To add to that, a few cities in India have been dubbed the “Golden City” because of their architectural, historical and unique offerings. 

You can book cheap flights to India and create a golden opportunity for yourself indeed! To get you started here are some of the Golden Cities of India you can explore:


Jaisalmer is a charming and historic city in western Rajasthan. This sunset-hued town from the forts, historic sites, temples and even dwellings are built keeping the themes of bright yellow sandstone in mind. And hence the title of the ‘Golden City’. 

The famous Indian desert, The Thar also lies here. The Golden Fort resembles a magnificent paradise. Artistic carvings and engravings, artifacts for sale, unique handicrafts and desert safaris/rides are just a few of the attractions here. You can also take a trip to the royal cenotaphs of Bada Bagh here.


Regarded as one of the ancient cities in the world, Benaras or modern-day Varanasi is a pious place having tremendous religious significance.  This holy city, situated on the banks of the heavenly Ganges, is considered a major pilgrimage site by Hindus. 

Besides, it also attracts visitors from around the world. Known as the seat of religion, spirituality, culture and community in the land, Varanasi is a ‘Golden City’ symbolically, if not literally! The holy place is notable for the religious rites along the river’s ghats. 

The temples here are a sight to behold, and you absolutely cannot forget the assortment of local cuisine you can relish here! A  trip to Varanasi is revered for being an energizing, reflective, and life-changing experience that eventually helps visitors understand India’s rich cultural and spiritual rituals.


Kanchipuram is a golden city with a thousand temples in Tamil Nadu. Apart from being places of prayer, these temples are archaeological sites, art galleries, and architectural research centers. 

Kanchipuram handwoven silk is exported all over the world. You can please your taste buds with an exquisite South Indian (full-fledged) meal consisting of rasam, dosa, idli, and vada which is nothing short of a delight. And don’t forget to shop for elegant Kanjeevaram silk sarees that are sure to empty your wallet here!


Solan is well-known in India for its large-scale tomato production, and exports. You can look for cheap flights to India and set afoot this hilly Himachali hub which is also touted as the state’s educational hotspot. 

Once here, you can also visit, Shoolini Temple, Chail Village, Darlaghat, and Jawahar Park. Every aspect of this picturesque town reflects its rich history rusticly. Solan features a plethora of shopping bazaars where you can stop by to buy handicrafts, embroidered fabrics, and cottage industry products.

India is a vast, impressive, and diverse country. Its gorgeous cities showcase the country’s wonderful riches of tradition, culture, and vibrance of life. It is a fantastic holiday destination with a lot to offer. 

Taking a peek out of the cities as mentioned above, you can be sure of encountering something intriguing and captivating in this huge and fascinating Asian giant. It is indeed a very appealing travel destination, therefore you must make up your mind to visit this land.

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