Earlier this week I received several questions about my Instagram only launch of #successcoursebundle. Last summer and earlier this month I did two Instagram only sales, I opened the doors to my newest course bundle just for my Instagram followers.Wanna know a secret? First time around I earned over $5000, and the second time around even more! Weird huh? I never used Instagram before to launch, but it’s a pretty good way to promote your stuff, thanks to Stories and the visual aspect.

For the longest time, I didn’t use Instagram. I had an account since… I think 2012, but I’d only use it sporadically, and to be honest, I still do. I have periods where I post daily photos, and then all of a sudden go silent. I know, I know, it’s the worst and I should practice what I preach, but just saying, if your content is valuable and on point, you can still be successful and have periods offline.

I think Instagram will be an ever interesting platform because Facebook makes changes to algorithms, functions etc. all the time. Lately, they’ve added the Stories and Business profile functions, and I can imagine they will make more ‘spectacular’ changes in time.

This said,I think it’s a great time to start a professional Instagram account. It’s not too late. Yes, it’s hard work, but I proved with my newest blog (that I can’t talk about yet) that it’s possible. I only ran it for 5 days, and I’m already at 2500 organically followers. We will see how that evolves in time, and I’ll let you know later this year what the Insta-blog is all about (and the name etc.!). So start your ‘business Instagram’ today. Leave the cute food pictures and party photos home here, it’s all about your brand. I promise it’s a valuable investment to focus down and keep a business account. Not only will social media agencies contact you for brand collaborations, it’s also a great way to expand your own network and sell your services or products every now and then.

Content Empire

I’ve created a new course for everybody who want to grow faster and sell their products and services without hard sales. Yes, it covers marketing, free publicity AND social media but it’s very focused on the content side of things. With multiple real life examples, the best strategies and a lot of ideas to grow with these awesome and FREE channels! HelloContent Empire; successful selling and growing for free with PR, Social Media, Free Publicity & Marketing.

Here’s what you can do today to earn money with Instagram

  • Start your ‘business’ Instagram account.
  • Be as consistent as possible. Although I proved it’s not mandatory, try to post at least twice a day, every day. Try to use the same filter/edits on all photos. Only post certain type of photos, don’t be all over the place.
  • Aim for quality of quantity.
  • Join the VIP list for my newest course, Content Empire; successful selling and growing for free with PR, Social Media, Free Publicity & Marketing to learn new strategies to grow quicker, for free and learn how I used Instagram Stories to successfully launch my course bundle. It also covers a little bit of PR and free publicity, so it’s a great introduction to PR if you’re not enrolled in my PR courses yet.

Join the VIP list of Content Empire; successful selling and growing for free with PR, Social Media, Free Publicity & Marketing to receive all the information about how to join.

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