One of the things I immediately wanna do when I arrive in a new country is going online. I admit it. I’m an online business owner. I’m a travel blogger, I need to confirm my mum that I’ve arrived and I want to check Google Maps. Getting a local sim card is not always an option or an expensive option, so I’m SO grateful for portable wifi devices.

Hello private wifi, bye bye hackable open wifi networks that don’t work anyway!

How to stay online abroad

My recent trip to Japan was one to never forget. But also one that took an enormous amount of planning before. I had to buy a Rail pass, I had to make a full itinerary to see as much as possible in the three weeks and I had to take care of my internet consumption.

I stumbled upon an amazing company called (how convenient!) Japan Wireless, which helps you staying online when visiting Japan.

This way, I could create amazing Instagram Stories and Snapchat stories on the spot, without the stress to find reliable wifi.

Wherever I was, I had internet access. In the forest, in the city, and on the bullet trains. Without a ridiculous phone bill later on. How? I had my own private wifi spot with me at all times.  

Japan Wireless Japan portable wifi by Noni May Japan Travel Guide

How does a MiFi device from Japan Wireless work?

First of all, let me start with stating how amazing it is to arrive in a new country, and to have a special package delivery waiting for you. This is possible with Japan Wireless, as you can pick up your wifi device straight away at the airport, or you can have it delivered at your hotel or guesthouse, that’s what I did.

So, before you leave for Japan, make sure you order your device online, pay, pick a delivery point, enjoy your wifi and simply return the device at the end of your trip with the envelope that came with the wifi device.
How the device itself works? It’s so easy! You don’t need complicated settings, only switch on power and enter the password. Then you can enjoy the Internet with unlimited data usage, high speed and wide coverage area (100% in Japan). And, you can also share the Wifi signal with up to 10 friends. This makes it interesting to split the costs with your travel buddies.
Japan Wireless Japan portable wifi by Noni May Japan Travel Guide
My Japan working Essentials

What’s included in your order?

  • MiFi device
  • Portable battery to charge the device (or your phone or GoPro when needed!)
  • Free English support
  • Free delivery to your hotel or arriving airport
  • Return envelope

How much does it cost?

If you think it’s worth saving the hustle of logging into strange wifi networks, bad upload times and possible hacking, it’s not expensive to rent a MiFi at all. For a couple of dollars per day, you’re online and safe. The actual costs depend on the wifi device you pick, the speed, amount of extra connections and the battery duration and coverage around the country.

Order your Japan Wireless MiFi (Portable Wifi) device here. 

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