Every woman is unique and amazing and so is the way her body reacts during the time of the month. That’s why there are different types of sanitary pads/napkins available in the market. 

Personal hygiene is the priority when buying a sanitary pad, and every other feature comes later. Selecting from a sanitary pad among various types and brands like Rio sanitary pads could be confusing, but you can get the right one for you with proper knowledge. 

There are no ‘one for all sanitary pads.’ An individual’s preference depends on the factors such as body shape, skin type, flow, etc. When you consider these factors, no napkin will work for every individual. 

Hence, it would be best to get the pad as per the requirement. So, what are the factors one must consider before buying sanitary pads? Read on to get a clear picture of the various pads and their use, and the best sanitary pads` features.

Crucial factors in choosing the right pad:

1. Know your periods

The first and foremost thing you must learn about is your own body. Choose your pad according to your flow duration of symptoms. It is vital to know the type of napkin you usually need because you can keep a few with you for emergencies. 

Indeed, many women are not aware of the different types of pads available in the market, and because of that, they buy the standard ones.

Bonus Tip: The brands always mention the pad’s features; hence, read the information for better understanding.

2. Absorbency matters

The sanitary pad brand, such as Rio sanitary pads, will mention whether the pads are extra absorbent or are just regular ones. Extra absorbent pads absorb the blood flow without any back-flow.

3. Longer vs Regular pads

Longer pads are good at the times of heavy flow and regular ones during normal flow. You can buy the pads that come with fragrance to prevent foul smells during the initial days.

4. Length and flow

Pick the right pad for your flow. It depends on your body shape and flows, whether you need a long napkin with a broad hip guard or a regular one.

Bonus Tip: Get a long-slim napkin for heavy flow and standard pads for the following days.

5. Material

There are mainly two kinds of sanitary pads: cotton napkins and plastic-netted pads. Choose the one that suits your requirement and are suitable for your skin. You can also search for napkins that are best for sensitive skin.

6. Eco-friendly product

Nowadays, the raw materials used in the manufacturing of sanitary pads are mostly biodegradable. When the pads are made of organic materials, their disposal will not affect the environment. 

Though the manufacturing of biodegradable pads is still on a small to medium scale everywhere, it is expected to catch up and become a familiar scene in the future.

Bonus Tip: Even though the pads may be eco-friendly, always follow the disposal instructions on the packaging.

7. Lifestyle 

Your daily activities or profession must be a factor while choosing a sanitary pad. Professions such as news reporter, police, surgeon, etc., requires the person to work for long hours without rest—a napkin that can deal with heavy flow and has a strong fragrance feature is ideal for people in these professions.

Bonus Tip: Get a slim winged pad if you exercise daily.

These tips will assist you in picking the right sanitary pad from the hundreds of brands and varieties.

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