I’ve had to deal with quite a lot of chronic pain in the last few years, and I’ve collected a good amount of ‘things’ that help me A LOT.

It’s always a good idea to relief pain and spoils someone who’s in pain a lot, but whether it’s for a special occasion like Christmas or not, these are the must-haves for everyone with Chronic Pain.

15 Gifts ideas and must haves for anyone with chronic pain heat ideas to relief pain


Once I discovered the amazing power of heat on your skin when you’re in pain, it changed everything for me.

There are so many products you can use, these are my favorite heat products:

Hot water bottles. I just can’t get enough of it, but the only downside is that they ‘cool down’ pretty quickly, compared to electrical heat warmers. But they’re cheap and very effective.

They’re made from rubber, so make sure you get one that’s made from non-toxic natural rubber like this one.

You can either go for a classic hot water bottle, one with a nice design or one that suits your pain, like this long hot water bottle that works perfectly for back, neck or stomach pains. Oh, and I’m personally not a big fan of the knitted hot water bottle covers because it’s an extra layer that takes away some of the heat when it comes to the skin to bottle but they look cute.

Disposable heating pads. Sometimes you’re on the go and you need quick relief: these disposable heating pads work very well for the time being. They’re not that cheap considered that you can only use them once, but they’re great for your handbag.

Heating waist belt. I got this and it’s a gift from heaven! I got a cordless one so I can freely move around and maybe even leave the house, but they come cordless or with cords.

Hot cherry pit pillow. I used to use pillows like these, but I no longer have a microwave and then it gets harder to heat them so I don’t use them. You have to warm them in the microwave and they’re great because they stay warm forever! They have various sizes, depending on where you need relief. Like the eye mask, the neck pillow or the extra long triple square.

Electrical heating pad blankets and wraps. They’re great if you’re in bed or on the couch. Get a standard heating blanket like this one or one with 6 temperature settings like this one.

Or get more pain specific pads/blankets like this Electrical heating pad neck, shoulder, and back wrap.

15 Gifts ideas and must haves for anyone with chronic pain heat ideas to relief pain pillows


Pillows are everything if you need the support of whatever kind you need during the night. It’s no fun laying awake all night, but it’s even worse if you’re in terrible pain. Pillows may help a little bit, I’ve collected a couple of very useful pillows over the months and they’re nightly lifesavers! I sleep much better and if it’s a great night: through the night!

Knee Pillow. The ideal choice for hip, back, leg, period, knee Pain, side sleepers, pregnancy & right spine alignment. There’s also one that’s as long as your legs, if that may be more comfortable.

A huge pregnancy pillow. Also great if you’re NOT pregnant but need some support in various areas. You can wrap your body around it. Make sure you get pregnancy pillow with a cover included, as it’s difficult to find the right size pregnancy pillow covers and you’d want to wash it every now and then.

Elevating leg rest pillow. If you need to sleep with the legs up, this is it.

Bedlounger. If you’re stuck in bed, this one might be a life-saver.

15 Gifts ideas and must haves for anyone with chronic pain relaxing ideas to relief pain

Feel Good

If you’re in bed and you can’t do a lot, I noticed that sometimes even watching Netflix is too much. So I listen to podcasts a lot and recently I discovered that listening to audiobooks is almost as much fun as reading the books.

I recommend a subscription to Audible that comes with one free ebook a month! If you’re signing up for Audible using this link you’ll get 2 free Audible books instead of the just 1 audiobook!

Apple AirPods helped me listen to these gems, as they’re wireless and literally the best purchase I’ve ever made! I can freely move around in bed without fighting with the cords etc. A must for everyone!

Oils. It’s important to massage your skin, it’s great to use essential oils for that. I know that ‘taking care’ of your body and skin is probably the least on your mind when you’re in pain but it’s extra important to do your stretches and moisturize your skin!

The Healing Power of Essential Oils and Essential oils and aromatherapy recipes are great reads on how essential oils can help you heal. The best gift for anyone to get started with essential oils? Get them a complete kit with different oils! Not gifting it for the most creative person? Get rollers, ready to put on essential oil rollers blends so you don’t have to mix the essential oils yourself!


Self-massagers like this basic Acupressure mat and pillow set or the foam roller I’ve recently purchased. Usually I ‘roll’ at the gym, but I recently got a foam roller to roll the pain away at home and it works like a charm!

All kind of rollers (they’re all really affordable and I bet anyone with pain can use them!). Get a massage roller, foot massager roller, a small cellulite roller to roll the more delicate areas and a muscle roller stick.

If you’re looking for more gift guides, have a look here.

15 Gifts ideas and must haves for anyone with chronic pain

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