What if I told you that this software that I’ve just done a review on could replace at least 4 other programs?
What if that new software could combine your digital download delivery, the platform you sell your courses, ebooks and digital products on, your membership site and your email marketing? It’s time for a Podia review! You’d say wow, won’t you?
That’s what this new software does, I recently discovered it and I’m in shock. 
Here’s the Podia review you’ve been waiting for.

You can easily customize it to your own site, as it’s 100% white-labeled. No more ugly forwards and change of design. Payments go straight to the creator’s (that’s you!) PayPal or Stripe account, with no transaction fees. That means a seamless course/membership site/content delivery and email marketing strategy. And all under 1 digital storefront. How nice. It’s less than $35 a month, can you believe it?

It can replace Gumroad, Thinkific, Teachable, Convertkit, Udemy, AND Clickfunnels. You’ll save at least $100 a month if you use all. 


They say they’re your Your all-in-one digital storefront. And I can agree.

It’s only $39 a month, and you’ll get 3 months free if you subscribe via this link (so it’s only $32.50 a month)

A quick introduction to Podia with a Podia review:

Podia (http://www.podia.com) is the only platform that seamlessly combines your memberships, online courses, digital downloads and email marketing all into one place. You can include your other products (like courses or downloads) as perks that are included in your members’ subscriptions.

Teachable alternative for free

Membership site

Membership software to help you earn a living from your passion

I wrote about membership sites before, it’s just a tiny step towards your first million as a business owner as detailed here.

It’s a great way to help people and earn money from the content without relying on advertisers, affiliates or sponsors. (here you can find my income report on how I personally earn money blogging, here are 50+ more ways to earn money online and here are some common ways bloggers earn a living)

Podia makes it easy to build and manage an engaged online community without having to wrangle a dozen different software tools for payments, content delivery, email updates and everything else.

So what’s different compared to Teachable?

  • Offer multiple plans

Create a variety of membership plans with different perks, content, and prices.

  • Keep in touch with members

Share text, video, image, or audio updates with your community. Members get notified when you’ve shared an update.

  • Bundle products

Give your members access to any of your online courses or digital downloads.

  • Interact with your members

Boost engagement and hear from your members by inviting them to comment on your posts.


I must admit, I still pretty love Teachable and Podia does offer some of the same things like:

  • Unlimited everything

There’s no limit on bandwidth, file size, courses, customers, affiliates, sales or anything else.

  • Drip course content

Give customers immediate access to your online course, or deliver it section-by-section over time. And in any plan. Woah!

  • Upload any file type

Podia supports video, MP3, text, links, PDF, PSD or anything else you’d like to upload.

  • Prelaunch courses

Start collecting email addresses to gauge interest in your online course launches.

So there isn’t really a reason to switch for me, besides the fact that you can basically offer your courses for free if you’re planning on using Podia to host your membership site an/or email marketing. To combine the services that I pay for like Convertkit, Infusionsoft and Teachable all into one will save m a lot of money per month.

Email marketing

Just like Convertkit you can use segmentation for your list which is great. YES! Segmentation is a powerful way to personalize your emails, and with Podia, you can segment your list by which products your subscribers have purchased (or not purchased) from you.

And there’s also a drip content option for your free email courses, email sequences etc. It looks perfectly designed:

Podia a Convertkit, Clickfunnels AND Teachable alternative that’s modern and affordable

I will probably always love Convertkit but the only thing I don’t love if the price as soon as you start growing your list. With Podia you pay 1 price (and it’s less than $40 a month!) for everything you need online as a digital business owner. Plus, if you’re worried about your existing files and set-ups, they will migrate your online course for free. 

I’ll seriously think about switching to Podia after writing this Podia review, but it has to be a well-thought decision, so I’ll get back to you soon. 

Make sure you check Podia out on http://www.podia.com

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