Yesterday Pinterest announced it’s allowing affiliate links again. You know how awesome that is since I just opened the Wanderlust and Company shop’s affiliate program last week? A year after Pinterest bans all affiliate links, using affiliate links on Pinterest is allowed again! 

| Affiliate links are now allowed on Pinterest |

The official Pinterest statement:

People come to Pinterest looking for new ideas to try, and the very best ideas come from businesses like yours. We understand that businesses and bloggers need a sustainable way to keep making great content. That’s why we’ve decided to allow affiliate links on Pinterest.

In the past, we removed affiliate links from Pinterest because spammers were abusing them. Now that our spam detection system is so much stronger, we’re ready to allow affiliate links again. To make way for these changes, we’re making minor updates to our acceptable use policy. We’ll start rolling out all affiliate networks today and over the coming weeks.

If you use affiliate links on your site, you don’t have to do anything differently—just keep on Pinning as usual.

This probably means that affiliate marketing is part of the future of blogging. Michelle earns $50.000 a month with affiliate marketing, so maybe it is the future. If there even is a future… I’m quite pessimistic about that because the authenticity is gone (and a whole lotta other things get introduced to us like copying and focus on creating money driven blogs). Everyone who announced affiliate marketing dead, was WRONG. I mean, if Pinterest accepts links again… Just use them right. Don’t spam, create valuable content as always and only use affiliate links of things you already use and love! What does affiliate marketing mean for your Pinterest experience? Hopefully nothing, like the shop button. It’s there, but you don’t notice it. It’s a great way for bloggers to share their favorite items and earning money like this blogger earning up to 1 million a year thanks to a strategy of combining Pinterest and affiliate marketing. Let’s hope those spam filters work! Happy pinning! Follow me on Pinterest and join the group boards!


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