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Pinterest business: the secret to reaching more people on Pinterest as a (blog) business


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So, you know now how to build a profitable blog, and how to utilize Pinterest with PRO tips for bloggers to get more traffic, sell more and get more email subscribers. And best of all, how to automate the process completely. 

Here’s a little reminder of what we’ve gone over already – do these steps first before diving into this post:

But automating doesn’t do anything if you’re still just struggling to have your content seen.

That’s why you need to pin strategically, and often, to group boards.

You can have 3 followers on Pinterest, but if you join a popular group board, your pin can be seen by thousands! Awesome.

Join Group boards or create a new one yourself. Owning a group board can be a powerful thing I figured, but it’s also a lot of work. I decided to give it a go, to see how it evolves. (you can join my Digital Nomad lifestyle group board here!)

Request to join group boards in your niche to build your audience and to go viral. You easily find them by checking out people in your niche and the group boards they joined. Or, search on Pinterest under ‘boards’.

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PinGroupie is a Pinterest group board directory and you should check it out, it’s the easiest way to filter the desired groups fast! Never mind the design, it’s very useful!

Once you’re a member of multiple group boards, set up automation to pin your landing + sales pages automatically, multiple times a day, to your group boards.

You also need to know how to optimize your Pinterest profile, how to optimize your pinning process, how to maximize the use of group boards and set up your automation and how to successfully monetize your Pinterest account as well as using it to promote your sales pages.

I get more into detail here, and make sure you follow my free video training on building a profitable blog in 30 days or less here.

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