I wrote about 5 programs/sites you can use to schedule your Pinterest pins before and made a pretty good breakdown of the differences between each site. As you might know, I love Pinterest! It’s my biggest source of traffic and how I make the most money on autopilot, thanks to this strategy. But recently I decided to step up my game to go all in on using Tailwind to schedule my pins. Wanna know why? Read along… 

First, click here to check out Tailwind and to sign up for a free account. 


Why you should move your Boardbooster strategy over to Tailwind today

Tailwind is an official Pinterest partner, which Boardbooster isn’t. The only benefit of Boardbooster compared to Tailwind is that Boardbooster automatically loops your pins, but is it really worth the ‘risk’ of working with a non-official Pinterest Partner app? Just move your strategy to Tailwind, because you can start for free today, and quickly reach millions of views thanks to Tailwind Communities.

Update: Tailwind Communities used to be Tailwind Tribes. Boardbooster no longer exists.

What are Tailwind Communities exactly?

Communities is a tool that enables you to meet and grow with other bloggers, just like you! Communities. will also help you with two key problems that social marketers face every day

  1. Having a steady supply of high-quality content to share
  2. Getting your posts seen by the right people

With this tool, you will be able to add your own content to a Tribe and have others view, schedule and share your content to their own audience. This is so helpful because not only are you sharing your own content, but you are leveraging the collectively large audience of your peers.

Here is how it works:

Let’s say that you have created a Tribe with a few of your friends. While you are searching and scheduling Pins across the web, you will be able to hand-pick content you would like to share with your Tribe members. Since the other Tribe members are doing the same, you end up with a pool of content by people you know and trust. So much better than looping your own content over and over again or pinning low quality pins.

Although collaborating, networking and sharing content is not a new strategy, Communities makes it easier for anyone to build a relationships and develop a healthy marketing strategy – one that isn’t ‘illegal’ like many other tools that help you.

Ok, great and you can use Tailwind Communities for free, here’s how

Communities will always have a free version available for use. Tailwind wants it to always be easy for you to collaborate with people in your community. Right now, anybody can join Communities for free and schedule their first 100 Pins in Tailwind for free — whether they’re from Communities or elsewhere. But once you’re out of your free scheduled Pins, you can still use Communities for free!

If you’re not using Tailwind to schedule your Pins, you’ll be able to click on the Source URL at the bottom of any Pin in a Tribe. When you click the URL of a pin, you’ll be taken directly to that website. Love it!

Understanding the Communities Dashboard + Tabs (All, New, Yours, Shared, Skipped)

When you join a Tribe, you’ll see something like this:

Tailwind tribes for digital nomads and 15 dollars of tailwind credit


Now, you’ll see a lot of pins, and navigation with tabs on the top like this, which is different for each Tribe you join because those are your Tribe stats:

The All Tab

You will be able to see all of your content, from all tabs, in the “All” tab. Come here to see all the activity going on in your Tribe.

The New Tab

The “New” tab is going to show you any new content added to the Tribe added by other members to the Tribe.

From here, you can either Share or Skip Pins. When you do, that content will automatically move into the “Shared” or “Skipped” bucket to keep the Tribe feed organized for you.

The Yours Tab

This tab is going to show you the content you’ve added to the Tribe. when you contribute content to the Tribe, your content can always be found her in the “Yours” tab, neatly organized in one place.

Note: When everyone else views the Tribe, they will see your content in their “New” Tribe feed. Your content will ONLY show up in this tab for YOU!

The Shared Tab

Once you schedule content, the Pins will be moved into the “Shared” tab. Here you will find everything you’ve ever shared from this Tribe.

The Skipped Tab

If you have new content that you’re not interested in sharing, click on the “Skip” button that appears on the bottom-right corner of the image. Any content you skip will then be available here in your “Skipped” tab.

What do Re-share, Repin and Reach mean in a Tribe?

What has this Tribe done for you lately? In your Tribe you’ll see the number of Re-Shares, Repins, and Reach to find the activity and engagement YOUR content has received from all of the other members of the Tribe!


The number of times that your Tribe mates have shared your content. In other words, this is how many times someone has scheduled and published your content from this Tribe. A lot of Re-Shares (not just including rule-based sharing) is a really good indicator that you’ve been contributing quality content to the Tribe!


The number of Repins generated from all the re-shares of your content. It can be helpful to see how much engagement you are getting from the content your Tribe mates have shared and if that content is resonating with their audience.


The number of Potential Impressions from all Re-Shares of your content on Pinterest. Potential Impressions are measured by the number of Pinterest followers a Pinner has multiplied by the number of times they have Pinned your content. This number represents how many times your content may have surfaced in front of fans after being Pinned. The more Influential each person who Re-Shares your content is the larger your Potential Impressions (Reach) will be.

Tailwind Communities to join to get started with your Tailwind Communities Strategy

Please note: Communities is currently Free for anyone to use (even if you aren’t using Tailwind already!)

I’m super excited to show you my Tailwind Communities for bloggers and you’ll automatically receive a $15 credit! (You can use Tailwind for free too!)

How to use 10 Tailwind Communities to grow your traffic and maximize your Pinterest income strategy

So, now you’ve joined about 10 Tailwind Communities, it’s time to get started with your strategy. If you want to make Tailwind work, you have to be active in your Communities. It’s a give, give, give, ask system, which makes it impossible to join 100’s of Communities and be active in all. I joined 10 Communities and I find it hard work, but it works.

Download my free checklist on how to make money blogging with a small following to see how to implement Pinterest in your money making strategy. Here’s a 7 step process that can help you:

  • Decide on which of your products you want to promote.
  • Decide which affiliate programs/products you want to promote.
  • Create A/B testing Pinterest images for each product.
  • Add the pins to Tailwind and schedule them in to be sent out over the course of a week. Maybe one each day. Don’t forget to add the custom links with your affiliate links or direct links to your products.
  • Pin as much as possible from your Tailwind Communities to your own public boards. This is the give, give, give side. Maybe about 20 pins per day from each board to get you started. This also helps to keep your Pinterest boards interesting by finding new resources. I also like to read the articles I repin to keep the quality of my board high.
  • Add your own pins to your Tailwind Communities over the course of a week to not spam the boards with 10 pins of yourself all in a row. Make sure you don’t spam the boards and also provide useful tips, inspirational content, and tutorials – not just your products.
  • Repeat, you’ll see results soon.

Why Tailwind works after just one week already (my personal stats)

Now, of course I’ve been using Communities for a while now, and I must say, even when I was starting out and I didn’t even have the strategy yet, I saw massive results. Here are my stunning results after using Communities just a couple of days:

Tailwind tribes for digital nomads and 15 dollars of tailwind credit


Tailwind tribes for digital nomads and 15 dollars of tailwind credit


Tailwind tribes for digital nomads and 15 dollars of tailwind credit

And another Tribe:


Tailwind tribes for digital nomads and 15 dollars of tailwind credit

Not bad right? Well, as I improved my strategy after trial and error, I’m seeing great results! Can’t believe this Pinterest tool is absolutely free to use, how amazing?

If you’re enthusiastic too, get started here with $15 credit to schedule pins and use Tailwind Communities for free! And don’t forget to join my Communities here:

*These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members every year, so you can see what the average growth rate looks like for all of their members

Read more on How to make money blogging with a small following here

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I get a credit or small percentage of your purchase once you sign-up to the recommended products and tools. 

**  This post was first published September 20th, 2017.

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