Social media has become one of the key drivers of customer engagement on the internet, being the most effective arm of the digital marketing strategies of a lot of businesses. However, if you don’t have the right approach, your social media account can feel stiff, lifeless, and without any distinct identity. Here, we’re going to look at ways you can freshen it up a bit.

Build a brand identity

What do you want customers to associate with your brand? What do you want their minds to go to as soon as they see your business, be it by name, logo, or by visiting the site? Make sure that your social media messaging is reflecting your brand identity. If you want your brand to feel down to earth, approachable and caring, you have to show the same care in your social media. If you’re aiming for a more formal and professional sheen, reflect that instead.

Publish content with power

Content marketing strategies, as demonstrated by Optin Monster, can play a huge role in establishing the rapport your business needs with customers, and speaking directly to their needs. Your social game is only as good as the content that you share through it, so be sure to work on a content marketing strategy that regularly gives you interesting new things to share.

Learn the medium

Every social media platform has specific advantages and circumstances, such as how it formats images, how it autoplays videos in mute, and so on. Each of these can change how your message is presented. Working with professional teams like Pouch Marketing can be invaluable because they can show not just creativity, but practical knowledge of the mediums that makes the best use of them. Learn the strengths of your medium and use them to your advantage.

Show some humanity

If you want people to really be affected by your social media, then you want to create relationships, rather than just engagements. The single best way to do that is to show a little humanity in how you interact with them. Take the time to reply personally, offer some customer service, and share their content when it fits your needs. Turn social media from a one-way street into a dialogue.

Learn what works and what doesn’t

It can be hard to put your finger specifically on which approach is best for your social media. It depends on your audience, your brand, and the history you have built with your customers. However, the single best way to figure out whether your approach is the right one or not is to look at the stats. Analytics platforms like Sproutsocial can help you see both the macro and micro of your social media performance, allowing you to pinpoint your best and worst bits, so you can replicate the former and change the latter.

You don’t want to directly copy the social media presence of another company, but there is a lot to learn from keeping an eye on the trends that shape how brands use these platforms to connect with their audiences.

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