There is no doubt about it, businesses these days need to have an online presence. Customers expect to be able to search and find out about you that way and it can help to build up brand loyalty, engagement, and visibility. This is why today we are sharing with you a few tips for building a strong online presence for your business.

Create a website

First thing’s first, you will need to create a website for your business. This is a chance to show off everything that you do and you should be sure to include plenty of ways for the customers to contact you. 

The website should be designed in accordance with your branding so that it is instantly recognizable to your customers. Include pages showing your products and services and how to contact you as a minimum. It is then worth adding in details about you and a little background about the business to share your story with your customers, and it would also be good to add in a page filled with customer testimonials. 

If web design is not something that you are familiar with, it would be advisable to get an expert to set this up for you, to ensure that it looks professional and to save you the headache of having to work it all out. 

Use social media effectively 

Social media is free to use and can be a brilliant way to get your business’ name out there if it is used effectively. 

As with your website, set up your profiles and bios in keeping with your branding and design and work on just one or two social media channels to begin with. Social media requires consistent content sharing and engagement with followers to be successful, so take care not to take more on than you can manage. 

Social media is a good way to shout about what you need, build relationships with others in your industry and give your customers a glimpse into the behind the scenes and personalities of the business. Platforms such as Instagram’s Stories or Facebook’s Live can be useful for sharing more about what you can do. You can also integrate social media with other forms of marketing, such as online press releases. Submit your press release free on KISS PR and share it on social media.

For example, if your business is in insulation, you could demonstrate fitting blown-in insulation on your Insta Stories, along with a finished product shot to show off what you can do and how it works. Or if you are a baker, you can show ingredients coming together, cakes being mixed and then the gooey, delicious complete cake at the end of your Stories. This is a great way of bringing people into your business along with showcasing all that you do. 

Write a blog

Many businesses write blogs alongside their websites and businesses and this can be a good way to reach relevant audiences and potential clients.

Your blog might share more about your business to help your customers to connect with you and buy into your story. It should also be informative and seek to educate people with updates about the industry you are in. You might be a clothing retailer and could blog about the latest trends and statement pieces, or perhaps you run a landscape gardening business and could write posts about lawn care, planting guides and weekly tasks to carry out in your garden. 

If you want to blog to support your business, follow our tips to ensure that it is a successful blog, and do use SEO to help you to feature in the search engine rankings.

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